How To Check If My aircon Gas Is Leaking?

All the people that live in Singapore always consider aircon as the most important electrical equipment in their house. Since Singapore is a humid and warm place, so people feel very uncomforting situation in this place. But if they have a fully functional aircon in their home then they can have very comfortable environment in their home in easy ways. However, this comfort can go away if they will have a gas leak in their home. And the most surprising thing about aircon gas leak is that many people don’t even know how to check if it’s actually leaking. In case you are also in same dilemma and you also want to know the answer of how to check if my aircon gas is leaking ? Then I have some answers for you.

There are some simple ways that you can try to check if your aircon gas is leaking and if you find its leaking, then you can simply get in touch with a technician and you can get it repaired immodestly. For your help, I am sharing those details below with you.
Check the cooling level: This might sound annoying or funny, but before trying anything else you should check the performance of your aircon. If you have a fully functional and properly serviced aircon in your home and still it’s not giving proper cooling to you, then you should consider it as a drop in gas amount. If your aircon will lose a lot of gas from it, then it will not function properly. It will keep running without reaching to the required temperature. If you notice this kind of problem in your aircon, then instead of checking the gas leak by yourself, I would strongly recommend you to get a technician that can check it for you an if problem is there then he would be able to fix it for you.

Try to smell the gas:

Good thing about Freon gas is that it is not pleasant for your nose. So, if you live in a place with tight spot, then you can certainly use your nose as gas leak detective device. Ideally you should be able to detect the weird smell of Freon gas in your home easily. But you have to understand that you can get this kind of smell only if Freon gas is leaking at a place inside the room. If it will leak from outside, then this option might not work well for you as all the smell can get dissolved with other smell. In case, you notice the aircon gas smell, in your home then I would strongly recommend you not to use the aircon and you shall call the technician without any delay.

Check stains on pipe:

A lot of people may not know this fact but sometime your refrigeration or cooling pipe can have various stains also on the aircon pipe. These stains can give you a hint of leakage of gas in your aircon unit and you may not get the best outcome with it in easy ways. Other than this, you can also notice some leakage of oil on the pipe at various places. If you notice either of these leakages sign on the cooling pipe of your aircon, then you can consider it as a sign of gas leakage. And after you notice signs of gas leakage you shall do the same thing that all the wise people would do in this condition. After noticing this issue, you shall call some expert and you should get it fixed as soon as possible.

Listen thermostatic expansion valve:

In your aircon you can have a thermostatic expansion valve and if its leaking gas, then you can notice a humming or whistling sound from it. This sound can be very low and you may not hear it at all unless you listen to it closely. Also, you can listen this sound only if gas is leaking form thermostatic expansion valve. So, if you check it then you would have to keep that thing also in your mind for better outcome with it. But you also need to understand that this could be possible place for leak of gas from aircon. That is why you should check this place as well along with other options.

Use low flame portable burner:

This might sound an unsafe method for detection of aircon gas leak, but its not as unsafe as it sound. In Singapore, you can easily find many portable flame burners that you can use for this particular testing. To check the gas leak, you can burn the torch and you can keep it close to your aircon coolant pipe. You can check the entire pipe with a burning flame and if there is any kind of leakage in aircon gas, then flame will turn into green or greenish blue. In either of the case, you can consider this as a gas leak in the aircon and you can ask an expert for that. If you do not notice any kind of colour change in the flam, then chances are high that there are not gas leak in your aircon.

Use liquid tracer to detect it:

Use of liquid tracer is another ways of detecting gas leak in your aircon. You can easily find many liquid tracers also in Singapore and you can use that easily to trace the residue of Freon gas on the pipe. There are different kinds of liquid tracers available in the market and fluorescent dye can be one of those reasons. You can use this or similar other tracers to identify the leak of gas in aircon and you can have really fantastic result with it in easy ways. And if you don’t know how to use liquid tracer for aircon gas leak detection, then you can go online and you can find more information about it easily.

In addition to all the above tips, it is also important that you take the help of some aircon experts to get rid of gas leak. I would never recommend you to fix the gas leak by yourself because you might not know how to fix it properly and it can give negative result to you. As a result of that you will end up spending more money in it instead of saving money. So, it is a good idea that you take help of experts as well for better result.

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