Why Should You Service Aircon Before CNY? (Updated)

Why Should You Service Aircon Before CNY? Air-conditioning service is a common request among customers before CNY, as many people want their units to be in good condition before the hot, humid holiday period.

In addition to general air-conditioning servicing, some customers may also request specific services like cleaning the air-conditioning unit filters and ducts. This helps to ensure that the unit works more efficiently and doesn’t release any harmful pollutants into the environment.

Some customers may also choose to have their air-conditioning units serviced by professionals – though this can be a costly affair, it’s often worth it as professionals are experienced in dealing with all types of units and can ensure that the unit is in good condition. Read on – Why Should You Service Aircon Before CNY?

So, if you’re looking to get your air-conditioning unit serviced before CNY, be sure to do so soon, as demand for services usually peaks in the weeks leading up to the holiday. And don’t forget to take advantage of the many promotions and discounts offered by air-conditioning service providers!

Why Should You Service Aircon Before CNY?

Many of us like to plan and book services/appointments or even holidays for the coming Chinese New Year period. One service that many people put off is their air-conditioning servicing.

You are serving your Aircon system before CNY ensures that you are prepared for the hot weather, where there is no escape from being in an enclosed space!

It also ensures that your AC system functions at its optimum performance level to keep you more relaxed during the day, help save on cooling cost or not have to deal with a broken or malfunctioning Aircon. Here are ten reasons why you should serve your AC before CNY.

Get ready for Spring-Cleaning.

Spring cleaning is synonymous with fumigation, which uses chemicals to remove dust and dirt.

The Aircon system in your home is the equivalent of a fumigation machine. It removes airborne particles that float around your rooms, such as dust, viruses, and bacteria.

By servicing the Aircon before CNY, you get rid of all the dirt and grime that has been collected throughout the year without you even knowing it. This makes for a healthier room environment to enjoy an improved sleeping quality.

Keeps AC system running at optimal performance level

Why Should You Service Aircon Before CNY?

Serving AC checks for any damages or faults with components/components before handing it back to you. This ensures that your air-conditioning functions in its best condition ahead of the long hot days ahead!

The service also includes checking safety measures and electrical installations to ensure that everything is compliant with current safety regulations.

Avoids last-minute service rush and higher service charges

Most reputable air-conditioning servicing companies get extremely busy during the CNY period. Many people will only realize the need for service after their AC system has stopped working or is not cooling their home sufficiently. You avoid long wait times and possible last-minute service charges by arranging for service before CNY.

Prevents Aircon from breaking down during peak usage periods

The high demand for air-conditioning services during the CNY period often leads to increased AC breakdowns. Servicing your AC unit before this time will help prevent any untimely breakdowns and, in the worst-case scenario, will help get your air-con back up and running promptly.

For peace of mind

You are serving your AC unit before CNY ensures that you are not caught off guard where your AC breaks down at the most inconvenient moment, which could be during late night or early morning. It also gives you peace of mind that all components are checked for optimal performance to ensure an enjoyable cooling experience.

Saves on cooling cost

Why Should You Service Aircon Before CNY?

A well-serviced AC unit uses less energy because all components are running efficiently. This can translate to saved dollars on your monthly electricity bills!

It keeps you cooler during CNY.

Why Should You Service Aircon Before CNY?

The hot weather in Singapore can be unbearable during the CNY period. By ensuring you’re AC is serviced before this time, you can keep your home cool and enjoy CNY to the fullest!

Eliminates musty smell

Why Should You Service Aircon Before CNY?

One of the common problems with air-conditioning systems is that they tend to develop mildew or musty smell over time. This is often caused by a lack of regular maintenance and servicing. A full service will cleanse all the inner parts of the AC system and get rid of any bad smell, leaving your home with a refreshing cool smell.

Maintains air quality in your home

Why Should You Service Aircon Before CNY?

Air-conditioning systems are known to circulate dust and allergens, worsening respiratory problems. A regular service will help to keep your AC unit clean and free from any build-up of allergens, ensuring that the air quality in your home is maintained.

Keeps your warranty valid

Many manufacturers require that you service your AC unit at least once a year to keep the warranty valid. By servicing your AC before CNY, you ensure that all components are checked and comply with the manufacturer’s requirements.

Prevents unexpected malfunctions or damage

A full service includes a thorough inspection of all components in your AC unit. This can help detect any potential problems or malfunctions that may lead to further damage if left unaddressed.

Air conditioning is often taken for granted until it breaks down during the hottest days of the year. By servicing your AC unit before CNY, you ensure that all components are checked and running in their best condition! Not only does this prevent breakdowns and save on cooling costs, but it also keeps you cool and comfortable during the hot CNY period. Arrange for a service today and enjoy a worry-free CNY ahead.

Why Should You Service Aircon Before CNY?Conclusion

Servicing your AC unit before CNY is not only necessary for keeping your system running smoothly, but it can also save you time and money in the long run.

By ensuring that all components are checked and compliant with safety regulations, you can avoid untimely breakdowns or damage to your unit. Get your AC serviced today and enjoy a cool and comfortable CNY ahead. If you need reliable spring cleaning services or aircon services, you can call us for a booking +65 9186 9762.

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