8 Tools To Have for Aircon Servicing

8 Tools To Have for Aircon Servicing – An aircon is a device that generates and circulates cold or cool air to keep your house comfortable even when the temperature is too hot. This modern convenience has become a necessity for many places not just in homes but also in offices, malls, and other commercial establishments.

The need for regular maintenance of your aircon makes it imperative to hire professionals who provide services such as repairs and replacements when necessary. You can still do some things at home to ensure optimum performance and safety from using the equipment you currently own.

Read on – 8 Tools To Have for Aircon Servicing:

1. A multimeter

8 Tools To Have for Aircon Servicing

One of the most important tools to have especially if you’re an aircon repair service provider is a multimeter. It’s an electrical measuring instrument used in testing components which includes voltage, current, resistance, and AC/DC voltage.

With a multimeter, you can detect faulty electrical components as well as know the exact value of what is being measured.

2. An infrared thermometer

How do you ensure that your aircon running in tip-top shape? One way to find out is by checking its operation temperature through the use of an Infrared Thermometer. This special equipment measures surface temperatures and can be used to check on any visible or hidden problems with your unit.

It’s not advisable though to use this for safety purposes like detecting if there are exposed live wires since it doesn’t have insulation protection.

3. A screwdriver set

Doing simple maintenance tasks such as changing the, replacing batteries, and lubricating hinges and other moving parts of the aircon system can be done with a screwdriver set.

This comes in handy especially if you want to study how does your unit work. You need more than just one screwdriver style since some screws are either Phillips or flatheads.

4. A multimeter

If you’re looking for accuracy when measuring voltage, current and resistance then this is what you should have.

If you don’t want any chances of interruptions while using the device during servicing and repairing, make sure it’s capable of handling functions like continuity checks and temperature measurements. For regular users though, a pocket-sized gadget will do the job well for home use too.

5. An anti-static mat

This tool is important not just for servicing but also in preventing accidents. Aircon units are electrical devices that operate with electricity and if you’re not careful enough, you can get shocked by touching them while servicing them.

This is why it’s necessary to attach the grounding wire to your wrist before working on it. An anti-static mat is best used for this purpose since it safely provides electric insulation, keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the process of testing out parts of your aircon.

6. A CO2 monitor or a carbon monoxide detector

8 Tools To Have for Aircon Servicing

A CO2 monitor or a carbon monoxide detector is another good tool to have especially when checking an aircon unit running in a commercial building. It helps provide a faster response time when related to airborne contaminants such as methane gas.

7. A circuit tester

This is a good tool to have especially if you’re working on appliances with electronic circuits or those that use computer modules, automation, or microprocessor-type controls.

It helps detect current leakage from faulty internal wiring as well as check for ground problems and built-in components such as resistors, capacitors, and diodes. The main function is to check the continuity of wiring.

8. An adjustable spanner

8 Tools To Have for Aircon Servicing

This is important for checking on bolt tightness and is also used to change parts that are worn out or malfunctioning. It’s vital to servicing equipment particularly with portable tools or those that aren’t attached directly to a power source.

You also need a Lube with the right kind of lubricant. Choosing your lube depends on the device you’re servicing and the system where it’s used since there are different kinds of lubricants suitable for mechanical equipment, industrial tools, and aircon.

When you need long-term lubrication that works best with aircon units, opt for a high-quality synthetic oil or petroleum grease-based lubricant.

The precautions you should take while using these tools:

  • Make sure to attach the grounding wire from the anti-static mat to your wrist
  • Read all manuals and recommendations before servicing a device
  • Check out for any visible signs of damage on parts of the aircon unit before starting the process
  • Know all safety precautions included in manuals before using certain equipment
  • Keep tools away from children at all times
  • Disconnect power source when changing batteries or working on electrical systems that may cause short-circuiting

These tools must be used correctly especially since you’re dealing with different types of equipment like an aircon system that contains hazardous materials like refrigerant gas. If you don’t know how to use them properly, take time to familiarize yourself with them first.

To know more about these tools and how they’re used, check out instructional videos on the internet or read up regarding their various uses.

You can get these tools from any local hardware or industrial equipment store near your area. Make sure you only buy the best quality as well as those that are suitable for aircon servicing to keep your unit in good working condition.

You can also get these tools from reliable online stores that sell them at reasonable prices. A friend who is experienced with servicing devices can also give you tips on how to use these tools, where to get them and what type is best for the device in question.

8 Tools To Have for Aircon Servicing – Conclusion

8 Tools To Have for Aircon Servicing

Never try to repair an aircon if you are not an expert because you might harm yourself or cause more damage to the unit. Improper use of aircon servicing equipment could also lead to fire hazards which can be caused by faulty electrical systems and wiring that have not been checked out by a professional.

It’s best to leave this job for technicians from a reliable aircon company who have a lot of experience with these tools and know-how they work well in ensuring proper maintenance and upkeep of your unit.

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