Which Aircon Brand Is The Best In Singapore?

Maintaining appropriate levels of heat and breeze at home has been a key necessity for most people dating back to old age. This is because the weather patterns may be on the extreme sides (too cold or too hot) which is unhealthy for body functions and also uncomfortable. For this reason, air conditioning is a common phenomenon in many regions across the world including Singapore. The demand for heating/heat regulation equipment and services led investors to engage in this sector which has seen the rise of many aircon brands from various manufacturers. Unfortunately, some of these manufacturers are in the business to capturer the readily available profit which may lead to quality oversight and less effective installations as well as services. This does not however mean there are no good air conditioners. You can easily find a good brand that will satisfy your heating and cooling requirements with definite value for money.

Best brands
There are many best brands which depend on an individual’s preference and requirement. Each brand has a category of models in which they are considered outstanding. It is therefore partial to point out a single best that satisfies everyone across all models. Besides, air cons are only as good as their installation and if this part of service is handled poorly, by low skilled personnel, the output will in most cases be terrible. One should ensure the company contracted to perform the installations are professionals who have profound knowledge and experience in HVAC systems.
Some of the leading aircon brands known include the following:

– Mitsubishi :
This is one of the leading aircon brands popular among many Singaporeans and sought by many when shopping. There are many reasons why this manufacturer is loved, which can basically be attributed to good service and longevity of the installations. The main reasons however include product variability, durability, efficiency, affordability and incredible warranty. Mitsubishi produce a variety (over 10 different types) of air cons that meets preferences of each consumer. They come in different features, capacities and prices which are affordable for each category. Besides using durable materials, this company also enjoys the latest best technologies which help in boosting longevity of their appliances. New technology also enhances efficiency and energy bill reduction exemplified in their inverter air cons. Most of the conditioners come with a ten year warranty, which is an absolute advantage on the customer’s side and further assures them of good quality. Both Mitsubishi Electric (Starmex) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) produce best air conditioners.

– Daikin :
Daikin is another leading manufacturer that supplies air cons to Singapore and has a range of products for customers to pick from. It is mainly praised for the functionality features that ensure efficient supply of clean air. They provide duct-less air cons which are suitable for installations as new or additional appliances in any indoor environment and zoning plan. Daikin air cons exhibit precision in temperature control, consistency of air flow and intelligent sensors that perceive pressure changes thereby initiating temperature balances. They also come with wireless and wired remote controllers. These air conditioner systems are simply energy efficient, reliable and very efficient exemplified in products such as VRV-S and single-split additions.

– Panasonic :
This is another popular brand in Singapore and has many advantages which are mainly reclined to ergonomics. Some of the benefits users enjoy from purchasing Panasonic air conditioners include powerful buttons, easy to remove panels, quieter modes, odor management and longevity. Panasonic utilize state of the art technology to provide highly responsive and effective buttons which initiate the desired instruction quicker than any other available aircon. It also has buttons that induce quite modes although other brands also exhibit this feature. The panel can be easily removed during regular cleaning and maintenance. The odor management feature is another great characteristic of most Panasonic air cons. Other advantages include patrol sensor that detects, isolates and condense dirt particles to ensure the air is pure. These air cons are also durable, equipped with super tropical compressors and Blue Fin condensers to improve the life of appliances.

– Conclusion :
The three mentioned brands are the most sought and preferred among Singaporeans due to their high efficiency, easy maintenance and long life. The products also come with warranties that last a lifetime (Panasonic) or over ten years. These aircon brands are available in various categories and sizes to fit the diverse preferences of customers. They are also very affordable, fitting into the budget of most households without any strain.

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