How Often Should We Do Aircon Chemical Cleaning?

An air conditioner is a crucial item in your office, home, and even in other places like hospitals:
– Since Singapore is a tropical country, temperatures tend to be quite high. 
– Just like every item that you use, maintenance cannot be overlooked. 
– If you want anything to serve you well, and for long, you must maintain it, and an air conditioner is no exception,
  even though it is designed to withstand different weather conditions.
– One of the important aspects of aircon maintenance is chemical cleaning.
– It is also called a chemical overhaul
– An aircon loses 5% of its efficiency yearly. 
– How often should you do a chemical cleaning for your aircon?
– When buying an air con, the seller usually recommends how often you should clean it.
– However, is it enough?
– Is it efficient?
– This is what we want to explore.

Once a year is alright for modern air con’s; however, in Singapore, you tend to use your unit the entire year due to high temperatures:
– If you live near the sea, the unit will suck grit and salt.
To be on the safe side, it is advisable to clean your aircon using chemicals depending on the frequency of usage frequency.
– Before we discuss how often you should do a chemical cleaning, what is it in the first place?

Aircon coil chemical cleaning
Aircon coil chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning is taking out each part of the aircon, checking whether it may have any problems, and then cleaning it using a chemical:
– How often you clean should depend on its usage. 
– Frequently chemical cleaning your aircon ensures that 95% of its efficiency is maintained yearly. 
– Some experts recommend cleaning at least once in 6 months. Maybe once a month is ideal.

However, chemical clean the unit if: 

1. It cannot produce cold air.
An accumulation of ice in the air con’s condenser could cause the air con to produce cold air.

Aircon has two sections:
A fan coil and a condenser. If they are dirty, your air con will produce cold air.
Therefore doing a chemical wash will ensure proper functioning.

2. The aircon is leaking
This happens when there is a back-flow as the drainage pipe is clogged up. Again, an aircon chemical wash will stop the leakage

3. There is a bad smell coming from the aircon
When bacteria accumulate in the fan coil, there is an odor that comes from the air con. If the unit is in this state, a chemical cleaning must be done. 

Let us now look at the basic process of chemical cleaning for your aircon:
– First, the fan coil will be removed from the wall.
– It is then cleaned using the chemical, and clean water used to rinse it
– This prevents corrosion of the coil caused by the chemical
– The fan blades and blower wheel are also cleaned using the chemical.
– The fan bearings are greased
– Next, the chemical cleaning of the internal air-filter
– The drainage pipes are chemically flushed
– The pressure is checked to ensure the proper functioning

Aircon chemical overhaul
Aircon chemical overhaul

Why should we chemical clean our air con’s?

– It becomes less noisy
– It stops leaking water
– Less energy consumption, as it works “less hard” to cool the room. This translates to less cost in terms of your electricity bill.
– The bad smell is eliminated
– During chemical cleaning, the thermostats and controls are checked. 
– It prevents more serious breakdowns of the aircon, thus less expensive aircon repair and maintenance, or even replacing the aircon
-Overall, the efficiency is improved

Chemical cleaning is usually recommended for air con parts that haven’t been cleaned for a long time or those which normal maintenance doesn’t help:

– It is no wonder then that people differ on how often to do chemical cleaning, despite being experts in the field.
– Factors like frequency of usage, location, and when the unit has issues like leakage, lack of release of cold air, and bad smell are really the determinants of the frequency of chemical cleaning. 
– A person who lives near the sea may need to do chemical cleaning, every month, while another living further would do with a once in 6, 9 or 12 months clean up. 
– It would, therefore, be safe to conclude that there is no really a fixed or standard time after which to chemically clean your aircon. 
– It solely depends on your unique circumstances. 
– You want it to work efficiently, then go the chemical way.

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