What Is The Best Aircon Temperature For Baby?

What is the ideal temperature for your baby at home? Most of the people answer this question by saying that it is a temperature which is neither too hot nor too cold. The information is right. In fact, the general recommendation is to set an air conditioner in Singapore to 23 and 25 degrees. This will enable you and your child to use a light blanket or dress comfortably with cotton pajamas. When you make your room to be at approximately 24 degrees, the temperature is friendly. The place is suitable to most of the children who are more than 2 years old.

Dangers of hiring unreliable air conditioner company in Singapore

If you live in Singapore, you will easily understand the trouble which you can face on summer when you don’t have an operational aircon. Hence, it is significant to hire an outstanding air conditioning company. When you don’t choose the best air conditioning firm, you might face many problems. The following is a list of dangers of employing unreliable air conditioning firm in Singapore:

– Lack of technical know how

An aircon company which is not reliable may not have experienced and knowledgeable the technicians. As a result, the technicians might damage your air conditioner and further create more challenges. You will end up paying a lot of money for the installation as you will need another firm to do the work for you.

– There is chances of poor services

Unreliable air conditioning service will result in poor services. Short-circuit or voltage fluctuation will occur if a wrong company is chosen. Because of the poor service, the air conditioner may spread many micro-organisms in the office environment or your house. This will create various health problems to individuals.

– Poor performance and improper services

A reliable air conditioning company will solve the problems of visibility. Nevertheless, the technicians will always look for issues which can affect the performance of an air conditioner. On the other hand, unreliable air conditioning company may cause your system vulnerable to future problems and the performance will decrease.

– It consumes more electricity

When old electrical parts are used, more energy will be consumed. When you don’t replace the old parts, electrical energy will be consumed. With unreliable technicians, the problem will not be attended to. But, technicians of a reliable company will replace the old pieces with new ones. They will also inform you about the reason for the replacement as well as its benefits.

– There is punctuality in the operation time

You will not get prompt and timely service from an unreliable company. This will create other issues from your air conditioning system. Therefore, it is significant to choose a reliable company as it will meet the re-servicing calendar.

– There is wastage of money

Wastage of money is experienced in many ways when you use unreliable company. One of them is the fact that you will pay a lot of money to the company for provision of poor service.

Consequently, the service will raise the electricity bill, create health problems and increase the medical bill. Improper services will also damage other sections of the air conditioner giving you extra trouble of repairing it. Thus, increasing the spending of money.

Benefits of a reputable aircon company

If you are a resident in Singapore, it is necessary to choose the best air conditioning company. This will avoid extra spending of money. Moreover, it will provide you with the best air conditioner. Apart from the advantages mentioned, the following are major benefits guaranteed by the reputable company:

– The insurance cover

Unlike bogus companies, air conditioner firms which provide high quality services have an insurance cover. The insurance company will act immediately incase the firm causes a defect to your air conditioner. In order to avoid unnecessary damages or losses, you should always choose a company which has an insurance cover.

– It provides quality service

If you want an outstanding service, don’t be compromise by the price. This is because cheap services might cost you later on. With a trustworthy company, you can be assured that everything they do is not only acknowledges state of art technologies but also up to date.

– The pricing

A recognized company which has good reputation doesn’t have a hidden cost. This means that they can fulfill their promise if they mentioned that about free quotation. Unworthy companies will hike their servicing prices especially when many people require assistance.

– All the activities are done in one company

A reputable air conditioning company is not restricted from the range of services which they offer. They are in a position of handling every part of an air conditioner. By choosing the best servicing company, you will never have any difficulties concerning air conditioning.

Features of a reputable air conditioner company in Singapore

There are various air conditioner companies in the website that one can choose from. This will make the process of identifying very complex air conditioner. The following are some of the ways of identifying the best air conditioning firm in Singapore:

– Relationship with clients

A good service provider will immediately respond to the request of their clients. For example, the repair service of a company should be done within 24 yours after the customer has reported.

– Reliable

Some firms works only on weekdays. This makes them absent on Saturday and Sunday. Those who are absent will inconvenience the customers because an air conditioner may break on those days.

– Flexible

A good service provider is flexible when dealing with different types of air conditioners. The company also has well trained staff for handling the situation. Moreover, it should give the clients extra services for example teaching the clients about some of the vital maintenance expertise.

– Individual’s perception about the firm

It is very important to get asses to the reputation of the company. This can be done by reading some customer’s reviews from the current customers. Hence, it will give you a clear picture about the firm.


The above information can give you a clue on how to identify a good reputation company and the results of choosing unreliable air conditioning service. Therefore, you need to follow the guidelines and you will avoid any problem concerning the air conditioner.

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