6 Reasons Why Servicing Your Aircon Actually Saves You Money

Energy is expensive and therefore everyone must strive to save it. One of the appliances in the house that consumes a lot of energy is the air conditioner. If you can manage to lower the amount of energy that is consumed by the aircon, then you will realize that you will be able to save a lot of money in terms of power bills. The best way to ensure that your aircon is not wasting energy is through proper and regular maintenance. An air conditioner has different parts such as filters, fins and coils which will determine the efficiency of the appliance. If you do not carry out maintenance on your appliance, the performance of the appliance will decline steadily and at the same time energy consumption will rise. In this article, we are going to look at ways through which maintaining your aircon could help save money. The following are 6 reasons why servicing different parts of your Aircon actually saves you money.

1. Aircon filters

Cleaning or replacing the filters is probably the most important maintenance practice that you can do. Usually, filters get blocked or clogged and this will obstruct the normal flow of air. Sometimes the dirt will bypass the filters and find its way to the evaporator coil. This will consequently impair the heat absorption capacity of the coil. It has been established that when you replace a clogged or dirty coil, you will be able to lower the energy consumption from your aircon by up to 15%.

If you use a central air conditioner, you can locate the filters along the length of the duct. The filters are mostly located on the ceilings, walls, furnaces and on the AC itself. For a room air conditioner, the filter will be found mounted on the grill that faces the room. It is important to note that some filters are reusable while others have to be replaced. Filters are available in various efficiencies and types.

You should clean or replace the filters after every one or two months. If you are constantly using the air conditioner in the house, then it would be advisable to clean the filters more frequently. Also, if you live in a dusty environment or you have fur bearing animals in the house, replacing or cleaning the filters should be more frequent.

2. Aircon Coils

The condenser coils and evaporator coils will collect dust over time. It must be noted that when the filters are clean, the coils also tend to be clean. However, if the filters have not been cleaned or replaced for a while, then there is every likelihood that the coil will be dirty. Dirt on the coil will insulate the coil and reduce the air flow hence reducing the coils ability to absorb heat. To ensure that this problem does not occur, it is advisable that you clean the coil after every year to ensure that it is in a perfect working condition.
Outdoor condenser coil may also get dirty if the environment outdoor is dirty or if there is foliage in the nearby.

It is easy to locate the condenser on the AC and you can easily check if there is dirt collecting on the fins. You are advised to ensure that there is no dirt or debris close to the condenser unit. Therefore you should ensure that the condenser unit is not close to falling leaves, drier vents as well as lawn mowers. You should clean the area around the coil by removing debris and trimming any foliage to allow adequate air flow around the condenser.

3. Coil fins

These are aluminum fins which are found on the condenser coils and evaporator coil. These fins can easily bend hence blocking the flow of air around the coil. You should note that there is a tool referred to as fin comb which helps to straighten these fins back to the original shape. Straightening these fins will further help to enhance the efficiency of the appliance.

4. Condensate drains and window seals

Every now and then, use a stiff wire through the drain channel. If the system is clogged, the unit will be unable to reduce the humidity and the resulting moisture may lead to the discoloration of the walls or the carpets. At the beginning of every cold season, you should inspect the seal between the window frame and the air conditioner to ensure that it has made contact with the Aircon’s metal case. It is important to note that moisture can easily destroy this seal and this can easily let cool air to escape from the house.

5. Preparing for the winter

During the winter when you do not need to use the air conditioner, you are advised to cover the Aircon or remove it and store it. Covering it when not in use will help to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris during the winter weather.

6. Professional maintenance

If you realize that your aircon requires more than one regular maintenance, it would help if you looked for a professional in this field. A well trained and experienced technician will not only find the root cause of the problem but will also fix all the problems that your air condition may be having. A technician will be checking the following from your air conditioner;

– Check the remaining level of refrigerant,
– Use a leak detector to establish if there is any refrigerant leakage,
– Capture the refrigerant that should be removed from the system instead of releasing it into the environment.
– To check if the central system’s seal duct has any leakage,
– To measure the amount of air that is flowing through the evaporator coil.
– Check the electric control system to ensure that the heating and cooling systems cannot operate at the same time.
– Check if the thermostat is accurate,
– Check the oil motors as well as belts for wear and tightness,
– Check the electric system and ensure that it is clean and tight. Apply coating if necessary.

The Air conditioner is a very important appliance in every household in Singapore. It plays a very crucial role in controlling the temperature around the house. It is also important to note that an AC is among the appliances that consumes much power in the house. We have seen that proper maintenance of the Aircon will help to boost its efficiency and this will greatly help in saving money in terms of energy costs.

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