What Is Aircon Capacitor?

If you own an air conditioner then you will be familiar with the capacitor. This is an essential part of the air conditioner as it plays an important role. Not only does the capacitor jumpstart the motor systems of the device but it also keeps them running so that the AC can do a great job at cooling the room. An average air conditioner unit in Singapore comes with three different motors and the aircon capacitor is required to provide continuous power to all three of them! In other words, this component plays the role of a temporary store of electricity.

It is quite unfortunate that a lot of people do not understand the importance of the aircon capacitor. In a country like Singapore where there is no winter or spring, just summer, air conditioners are a necessity. AC units are involved in the primary task of controlling the temperature, humidity and the speed of air in a closed room or building. Thus, such units are capable of making the indoor environment pleasant by keeping the temperature at a constant. In order for this to happen, the capacitors come into the picture. Such components store electric charge and function as temporary batteries when the main batteries of the AC are being charged.

The aircon capacitor carries out three main functions:

starting the AC motors, facilitating power conditioning and signal processing. Thus, if there is some problem with the capacitor then your AC unit wouldn’t be able to function optimally and provide satisfactory cooling. It is often noted that failure of capacitors result in breakdown of the air conditioners. Thus, if your AC is not working then the first thing which you should check is the capacitor because it is most likely to be conked out.

One of the primary reasons for capacitor failure would be running the AC for an extended period of time. In a country like Singapore which has a tropical climate, the hot climate and the overheating of the air conditioner can result in blowing up of the capacitor and AC fuses. If you notice that your AC produces a humming sound while the fan no longer runs then it is a clear indication that your aircon capacitor has blown up. The best way to tell whether your capacitor is alright or not is to have a professional conduct a checkup. If it has indeed blown up then the professional AC servicing expert would replace it.

Air conditioner capacitors come in a wide variety of shapes and designs:

oval, cylindrical, round and so on. The shape or size of the capacitor does not really matter, as long as the device is capable of delivering an impressive performance, you’re good to go! When it gets blown up, it would look like a small can whose top is pushed up and appears ready to burst. Capacitors are extremely potent, therefore it is advisable to dispose of these in a responsible manner. If you happen to have a charged capacitor then you should discharge it by connecting its two leads with the metallic portion of a screwdriver. A charged capacitor is capable of causing a spark or a burst which eventually leads to fire. Thus, it is important to exercise caution when dealing with this component. When you hire an expert in aircon servicing to check your aircon capacitor then you should ensure that the replacement capacitor is of the same voltage rating too. In certain cases a slight increase in voltage rating is permissible. Sometimes, the AC owner may not be knowledgeable about the voltage rating of the capacitor. In such cases, the professional would use information such as the model number, make and rating of the air conditioner to find out about its voltage rating.

Nothing is more frustrating than your air conditioner breaking down on a hot summer day. Now, there is no lack of reliable air conditioner servicing companies out there in Singapore therefore you should conduct a thorough research in order to pick out the best one for you. While the aircon capacitor can be replaced the DIY way, it would be more beneficial to have it done by an expert, especially if your AC unit is a costly one. After all, you wouldn’t want to mess with the air conditioner yourself and end up doing more harm than good! It is advisable to have an aircon capacitor handy with you at all times. Since these are inexpensive items therefore it isn’t really a problem to purchase backup ones. Considering the heat of Singapore, it would be wise to keep backup capacitors ready to be employed. When buying a replacement capacitor people are generally of the notion that brands matter. The truth is that brands do not really matter in case of the capacitor as it is a universal part. You will be able to find these everywhere from Lowe’s to Home Depot to a local contractor supply company. Thus, the task of buying such capacitors isn’t very difficult.

A tip here for AC owners:

Maintain your AC well to protect the capacitor and to prolong the lifespan of the AC unit. Keep in mind that your air conditioner is working extra hard in order to keep your room cool. The all year round tropical climate of Singapore combined with the heat generated by the hard working motors can make it really difficult for the aircon capacitor to ‘keep its cool’, which is why it breaks down. Thus, it is advisable to not have the AC running for an extended period of time. You can switch it off when you reach a comfortable temperature, the room will stay cool for a while and then you’ll need to have the AC switched on again.

It is also advisable to engage in regular care and maintenance for your air conditioner. First and foremost, you should keep the AC coils and the air filters clean so that it would preserve the AC and the aircon capacitor of course. When you take good care of your AC, it would thank you back!

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