How To Clean Aircon Yourself?

How To Clean Aircon Yourself? Have you ever imagined how annoying it would be if you woke up on a sunny morning only to find out that your aircon is not working? You are deprived of the invigorating and fresh breeze.

The problems relating to the aircon may be a consequence of not servicing your aircon properly.

It is true that cleaning the unit every month is not possible and also not required. But the users should know how to clean it at least once every 3 to 4 months. To know more about how to clean aircon, read the following steps –

How to Clean Air Conditioner Yourself?

The first step involves removing the channel from the grille on the front.

How To Clean Aircon Yourself?

There are 2 types – either dispensable or reusable. For the reusable one, clean it by submerging the channel in hot boiling water for 15 minutes and shower it occasionally. Drain the water and wash it again and let it dry.

Remove the grille from the body of the aircon.

There should be two spring cuts at the base. Generally, you can pull the grid and take the grille out by driving it downwards. But if there is any resistance, find out if there are any covered screws. Keep the grid separately.

Remove all the screws and the front metal portion by lifting the cover, to get to the internal machine.

Be careful with the cover, it may have sharp corners that may hit the body. Typically, aircon use different sorts of screws. Keep them separately in old cans to avoid mixing up. Isolate them right at the beginning to avoid any perplexities later on while assembling.

Find out if the fan moto has oil plugs or oil opening.

How To Clean Aircon Yourself?

Oil plugs are elastic, so use them carefully while removing them, since it might break. There may be a blockage in the oil opening, so try to remove it by using the tip of a screwdriver.

Once the oil opening is uncovered, use a clean motor or universal oil. Do not over or under pour the oil, just about 3 to 4 drops is enough for the 2 finishes on the motor body.

To remove debris from the front scales and the surface, use a brush and brush it only in one direction.

Do not make side-to-side movements since it will turn the scales. You do not want to damage the delicate aluminum scales.

Once you have removed all the surface soil, use cleaner or degreaser and sprinkle it all over it. Let it sit for around 15 minutes and allow it to release or relax any covered soil. Wash the excessive cleaner and soil with warm water but do not let the water enter any electrical part or associations, near its coil.

Be extremely alert since you do not want to overload the coils with a heavy weight coolant.

You may have to fix the twisted scales with either a balance brush or use anything delicate such as the pallet stack.

Once you have fixed the scales, the production of the course via the coils will increase, adding to the overall impact of cooling. The 2 fan blades may also have soil development, clean them using a soft cloth. Do not twist the fan blades since that would create vibrations, damaging the motor.

Vacuum the surfaces, both on the front side of the grill and back.

Do not forget to vacuum the bottom cover of the metal aircon. If required, use a soaked soft cloth to clean the air spaces on the cover. Exhaust the residual water at the base and let it dry for a few hours. Once it completely dries, reassemble it.

Once the assembly is complete, repeat the task once more just to make sure that the spoofing of the cover did not affect or damage anything. Assembly of the cover may cause bends on the case which can lead to skewness in the internal part.

This is a problem since the fan may end up being too noisy or boisterous. To resolve this issue, remove and realign the cover again with the main body.

How To Clean Aircon Yourself?Conclusion

How To Clean Aircon Yourself?

To sum up, cleaning your aircon for the first time may seem like a herculean task, but once you get used to it, it does not seem so challenging. Cover the aircon with an old cloth or saran wrap when it is not being used, to avoid dust from entering.

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