Spring Cleaning Tips On Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spring period is around the corner and if you have an air conditioner, you must make sure that you get it cleaned by experts in Singapore. Poorly maintained air conditioning will not only make you sweat in the blistering heat but also cost you a lot of money especially when it comes to electric bills and repair costs. If you want to get the most out of your AC and avoid having to spend dollars on a new one, you have to develop a regular cleaning habit, especially this springtime. All of the tools and chemicals you might need can be bought from grocery and utility stores so you don’t have to worry about that. All you have to concern yourself over are the procedures that you must observe to thoroughly clean the machine.

Step you can take during spring cleaning of your aircon. First, you must make sure that you unplug the air conditioner before you begin taking out or touching any part of it. Afterward, carefully take out the exterior covering and start wiping it down with your standard cleaner and a dry rag. And then, locate the filter and replace it with a new one so that the cool air produced is not blocked in. It would be preferable if you invest in a permanent washable filter so you don’t have to replace it every month. If you have a washable filter installed already, soak it for five to ten minutes and then lay it out under the sun.
 Next, you proceed with clean the air intake vent, which could collect hair and dust particulars – reducing air flow and making your AC work harder. It would be best if a broom, brush or vacuum is used to sweep it. Subsequently, the drain should be cleared from blockages to prevent or resolve leakages. You could do it the old fashion way and blow through one of the pipe’s end or revert to using compressed air. And then, you should check the vents and compressors for any unnecessary obstructions like leaves, droppings, and dirt and take them out. Many of the aircons will require about 400 cubic ft in minute so that they can operate fully. For you to be able to increase the airflow to your aircon you must clean the filter and blower wheel.
 Condenser cleaning- you can clean this by spraying the exterior of your system with heavy foaming cleanser. After spraying you can leave it to soak for about 30 minutes before you rinse.
 Having accomplished the previous tasks, you must move on to cleaning the coils. Usually, they are hard to reach. But the blower is typically accessible. So you could just spray water lightly through it to clean up the inside. Keep doing it until there’s no more dirt accompanying the outflow. Then you proceed to dry every part that has been sanitized before putting them all back together and plugging it in. This usually does not take more than an hour. And once you’re done, you will immediately feel a big difference in your air conditioning’s function.

 Of course, it would be safer and less inconvenient on your part if you enlist the help of a cleaning company in maintaining your air conditioning system, especially if they are more than one. But if you’d like to be responsible for your equipment, you can actually do things on your own. Of course, you can only cover so much since efficient chemical cleaning of units will require professional experience. In which case, you might want to get a technician in Singapore to clean up your ACs once a year as he checks their status. Benefit of cleaning your aircon cleaning in Singapore during spring
 There are so many reasons why you should clean you aircon especially during the spring period. In many cases you will realize that air conditioners are the perfect growing grounds for molds, bacteria and various other microorganisms. Researches in the past few years have suggested that the indoor air is much more polluted than the outdoor air. Since an average human spends 90% of his time indoors, it is highly critical to keep up the quality of indoor air. In many cases, you will realize that the aircon will produce damp air once you switch it on. This is because, with time, the components of an HVAC system become contaminated with various foreign particles making the indoor air quality to deteriorate with time. People with a history of respiratory disorders, children and elderly are more vulnerable to ailments caused by molds and airborne allergens. Some of the most common allergies that are a result of breathing in infected air include vertigo, nausea, eye irritation, chest and nose congestion, runny nose, irritation of eyes and headache.
 If the general condition and air odor do not improve, it is a suggestion that you should call an AC cleaning company in Dubai to get your AC duct thoroughly cleaned. Apart from getting rid of the unwanted mold growth in the AC duct, an AC duct cleaning regimen will also help you terminate any type of insect growth, dust and debris and any other type of infestation. In several cases where inmates smoke tobacco or have pets, air duct cleaning also helps in purifying the air quality. 
 A clean aircon system will run more efficiently as it will naturally produce more pressure at a lesser time to cool your home during this spring period. This will mean more savings on electricity bills. Moreover, a clean blower will run cooler with a lesser risk of breakdown, again adding to energy savings.

 Asthma and other respiratory ailments are a result of impure air and these conditions can worsen in impure indoor environments. Several patients every year are admitted to hospitals mostly owing to respiratory troubles. Maintaining a clean HVAC system is crucial for assuring good health for you and your family. Call professional AC duct cleaning services and breathe in a healthy environment. 
 If you follow the above guide you will never have any challenges when it comes to using your aircon during spring time.

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