Some Details About Smart Phone Control From Daikin

In Singapore, an air conditioner is not a luxury to have but it is one of the most essential appliances to stay comfortable. But if you can get little luxury and extra comfort in something that is a necessity for you, then there is nothing wrong in it. Daikin understood that and that is why they included air control of your air conditioner in your smartphone. You might be wondering what a smartphone control air conditioner is and how it works. Other than this, you may have plenty of other questions as well in your mind about the Daikin AC that allows you for smart phone control of its operations. So, if you have these things in your mind, just keep reading and you will find the answer easily.

Talking about smart phone control Aircon by Daikin is a ducted Aircon that can be controlled by smartphone. In order to control your Daikin Ac with a smartphone, you just need to install an android application on any phone and you are good to go. For giving this facility or feature into the Aircon, Daikin added latest devices in its ecosystem that are called as ENVi which is an intelligent thermostat and an interface that is compatible with android. Also, it introduced SKYFi that allow people to control their residential Aircon remotely. The good thing about these devices is that it can allow you to control your Aircon even from a remote location in Singapore. So, if you want a cool home while reaching to your home, then you can just turn on your Daikin Aircon remotely from while travelling back to your home and you will have a cool house.

Here, I am also sharing some of the details about Daikin Intelligent Thermostat and its android app which is SKYFi.

Daikin ENVi Intelligent thermostat

ENVi is an advance technology that is designed by Daikin it can help you to control your residential air conditioner using your smartphone. This is a device that you can mount on the wall and it has LCD menu that helps you understand it easily. Also, if you want you can do the programming for your Aircon that include temperature setup, weather forecast, your weekly schedule and if you are going on a vacation you can do the planning for that as well. Also, it has a wi-fi feature in that allows it to connect with your network and that make your Daikin AC as a smart phone control device. And if you want you can make changes with your smartphone as well.

Features that you get in Smart phone control Daikin AC
User friendly:

This can easily connect with your smartphone and if you want you can easily control it with your phone, your tablet and even with your computer. And if you are away from your home, then also you can control it easily and you can have good outcome for sure. Also, it is easy for you to adjust the settings of your Daikin Aircon easily.

Saves Energy:

many people in Singapore do not use Aircon because they always stay in dilemma about the Aircon, but you can save a lot of energy and money as well. So, that is defiantly a great benefit that you can have with this smart phone control Aircon.

Easy to access:

Daikin tried to make it very easy and simple and that is why you get a dedicated webpage for controlling all the things of your Aircon. And the greatest thing is that you don’t have to pay any extra money to have these features in your Daikin Aircon.

Intelligent work:

This device is very much intelligent and it can sense the temperature, weather and other atmospheric situation and it can do the adjustment accordingly. So, if there is a drop in temperate humidity or other things, then it will do settings accordingly and you will save money on energy consumption. Other than this, it also alarms you if you miss the regular scheduled maintenance for same.

SKYFi app for Android and iPhone

These things all the people prefer to have all smart phone control for everything and Daikin allows you to control its AC using SKYFi app. This app allows you to easily access and configure all the compatible Aircon in your home easily on Wi-Fi. And if you don’t have any other network in range, then you can use your phone’s wi-fi to create a network and you can use that to control your Aircon in that range.

Features of SKYFi app
On off Control:

The simplest feature of the SKYFi app is that you get freedom to control your Aircon using smartphone. You can have the smart phone control and you can turn it on, you can turn it off and you can have other control as well that id defiantly a good benefit that you get with it.

Control for functions:

As said above, you can use the app as your remote and you can control the temperature as well. If you want to increase the temperature of your Aircon or if you want to decrease it, you can do that all easily with this option. So, that is one more advantage that you get with this app.

Display to temperature:

If you want to know the temperature of your Aircon or its outside temperature, then this ap can help you do that easily. So, you not only get smart phone control on your Daikin AC, but you get other information as well with it.

All the alerts:

Other than this, it will also give you detailed information for all the things or alerts for same. For example, if you have problem in your air filter, then you will know information for that and if something is wrong there, then you will have alert for that also. So, if you will use Daikin Aircon then it will not only give you smart phone control, but you will have many other benefits as well that makes it a perfect solution for your home in Singapore.

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