5 Common Misconceptions On Aircon Servicing

Aircon is one of the most essential electronic equipment for every house in Singapore and that’s why it is necessary that you follow the best practice for its servicing work as well. But the biggest problem with Aircon servicing is that so many misconceptions are popular about its servicing and because of those misconceptions people do not get the optimum result with their aircon servicing work. In case you wish to know more about these misconceptions then here are 5 Common Misconceptions On Aircon Servicing that are popular among many users.

You don’t need to aircon servicing if it’s working fine:

The biggest misconception about aircon servicing is that if it is working fine, then you don’t have to worry about its services. As I already said this is one of the biggest misconception and because of this myth you might end up having a lot of problems in your aircon unit. This is a simple rule that if a machine will work regularly, then it will face some wear and tear in it. Because of that wear and tear your ac might not get any visible damage but on a longer run this minor problem will turn into a major problem and it will stop working. Also, the minor damages can affect the performance of your aircon and you might not get the best output with it and you might get higher electricity bill as well. So, it is strongly recommended that you get go ahead with aircon servicing to avoid any trouble or complication from your aircon.

Changing air filter every month is waste of money:

This is one more big misconception that is very much popular among users related to aircon servicing. People think that if an aircon filter is working properly then changing it every month is nothing but waste of money and they prefer not to do it. Well, I appreciate the concern of money saving and visibly that can be a waste of money as well. But many people do not know that air filter is very much responsible for the filtration of air and a clean air filter can help you have a cool home in easy manner. Also, a dirty air filter can increase the load on your aircon and it will increase your electricity bill. That means by saving some money on your aircon servicing or air filter, you will increase your electricity consumption and you will lose more money in that way. Also, the extra burden on your aircon will affect the performance of your aircon unit as well and you will need to do aircon servicing very often which is another loss of money because of one simple mistake. So, it is a good idea that you do not trust on this myth or misconception.

Air con servicing is always expensive:

One more common misconception about aircon servicing is that it is very much expensive and it can rupture your monthly budget. Because of this misconception people do not go ahead for the aircon servicing and as a result of that they ignore the regular servicing and they call a mechanic only when their aircon stop working. Here, you need to understand that repairing cost of an aircon will be always higher compared to regular aircon servicing and regular servicing will provide better cooling as well in your home. Also, the cost of regular aircon servicing is very much affordable as long as you choose the right company for that work. Other than this you can also give an annual maintenance contract to a good and reputable service provider so you can get regular aircon servicing on timely fashion from him and that too in a highly cost effective manner.

You can ignore the slight drop in coolant level:

This is a myth that not only affects the performance of your air conditioner but it increases your electricity bill as well. Many people thing that 10% drop of coolant is ok and they can skip the coolant refilling until the next aircon servicing. As far as I am concerned , I would never suggest any one to make this mistake because 10% of coolant reduction will increase 20% of extra load on your aircon unit. That means it will need to put 20% extra efforts in the cooling process and you will get less cooling as well with it. This increase amount of load on your air conditioner will increase the amount of electricity consumption as well and you will need to pay more electricity bill for less comfort. So, if you think you can ignore the slight drop of coolant level for next aircon servicing then I would say it is a misconception in your mind and you need to change your opinion without any delay. The same thing applies for other liquid as well that are essential for the cooling of your room. Hence, if you see a drop of aircon coolant in your air conditioner during aircon servicing then ask your mechanic to fill the coolant along with other servicing work.

You can choose any handyman for aircon servicing:

Many people also believe on this misconception that all the technicians or companies that provide aircon servicing in Singapore are similar and offer the same result. However, this misconception has nothing to do with reality because any aircon servicing company can offer the best result to you only if they have enough experience, knowledge and licensing with them. If they do not have these basic things then you might not get the best result from that particular aircon servicing firm and you might get a lot of complication or trouble because of this mistake.

So, I would say again that if you wish to get only the best and worry free service from your air conditioner then make sure you choose only a trustworthy and reputable company for your aircon servicing. Also, while choosing the company or giving the contract to them make sure you talk about the warranty part and if you do not get the satisfactory answer from any particular service provider then prefer not to choose that company in any situation.

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