How To Solve Aircon Leaking Problem?

A leaky aircon or air conditioner is a common problem for most household in Singapore and it can cause all sorts of complications for you and your home. Once the water starts leaking, it can completely ruin the interiors of your home, especially the walls, if you have the air conditioner mounted on a wall. Plus, there are also the dangerous risks which are associated with it. The leaking water can soon form a puddle on the floor and if someone accidently steps on it, they can surely trip and fall. This can lead to serious accidents and result in severe injuries. Hence, it is very much important that you ensure that you fix the water leaks of your air conditioner as soon as you spot them. Postponing it will only make matters worse and create unnecessary trouble for you at a later period of time.

1. Clean the air filters and the heat exchange coil

If the air filters in your air conditioner are heavily dirty, then it might cause your air conditioner to leak as it blocks the flow of air into the device. If the air flow is not regular, the temperature of the coil can decrease and as soon as it falls below zero, ice flakes will start to form. Beyond a certain point, these ice flakes get blown out into the surroundings and they turn into water once they start melting.

So if you notice your air conditioner is leaking, then switch it off immediately and inspect the air filters. If you find them full of dirt, you should clean them under running water thoroughly. Also, you can vacuum the coil found behind the filter with a vacuum cleaner periodically so that you prevent the dust from accumulating. The same applies for the air filters also. If you are not sure as to how to clean the components of your air conditioner, you can always refer to the instruction manual that came along with it.

2. Blockages in the pipes leading out of your air conditioner

Most of the air conditioning units in Singapore are mounted indoors and the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is placed outside with a draining pipe attached to it. Sometimes, the draining pipe might have suffered a blockage which would prevent the water from flowing out freely. This in turn will cause water to leak from your indoor unit since it would be unable to store the condensate beyond a particular point.

To prevent blockages in your draining pipe, clean it regularly and ensure that it water flows through it freely. In case of any blockages in the draining pipe, wipe one end of it as cleanly as you can and blow air into it. The harder you blow, the more easily the blockages would clear.

3. Reduced levels of Refrigerant

All air conditioning units depend and make use of some form of refrigerants to provide us with cooling. But the level of refrigerant that comes with every air conditioner does not stay the same at all times. With regular use, the level of refrigerant gradually decreases and once this happens you can notice water leaking from it.

If this is the case, then you have no other option but to call a professional air conditioner repair guy to help you sort out the problem. There are plenty of third part air conditioning service companies in Singapore and you can contact any one of them to help you refill the refrigerant of you air conditioner.

If the warranty period of your air conditioner is still not over, there is a possibility that you might get the refill done free of cost. It is recommended that you get your air conditioner serviced at least once in a year so that you can make sure that everything is fine with it and that all components are working the way they should be.

If you don’t have any prior experience in fixing water leaks from your air conditioner, the above mentioned tips will always come in handy and there is no need for you to panic about it. Just follow them and you can always enjoy the best possible cooling from your air conditioner without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

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