5 Possible Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Smelly

An aircon is a very important item in most of the houses in Singapore. With the continuous use of such items, they may develop some problems that will render your home not comfortable to stay any more. One of the most common problems that are evidenced in most places in Singapore is the presence of smelly aircon. There are very many reasons behind this and it will make your home smell bad. This implies that in case of such smell, you have to identify the main source of the bad small in your aircon and take the necessary step to eliminate it. Sometimes it is not safe to stay in your house with such smell as it can be dangerous. For instance if the gases are leaking, it will be very dangerous for you to continuously inhale the gas. Therefore it is very important for you to know the main reason as to why your aircon smell. Are you experiencing this? 5 Possible Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Smelly:

1.Gas Leak
This is one of the possible causes of the bad odor from your aircon. To know whether the gas is leaking, when you turn on your aircon, you will experience the smell and when it is switched off, the smell is no longer there. When the gas leaks, it will spread all over the room and that is why there is the bad smell of the leaking gases in your room. In case of such situation, you have to take the corrective measures and if possible, you should consult a qualified technician to rectify your aircon.

2.The Presence Of Dirty Filters
These are the substances that are used to trap all the dirt that may be bacteria, solid particles and even molds. When all the dirt accumulates over a longer period of time, there will be a bad odor from your aircon unit. You should try to check on the nature of the filters and if they are dirty, you should eliminate such trapped particles ad in case that was the main source of the odor, it will cease. Therefore it is very important for you to clean the filters and all the strainers at regular basis so as to eliminate the chances of smelly aircon.

3.Presence Of Molds
Sometimes the working of aircon favors the growth of the molds. This is due to the fact that the aircon normally humidify the air inside your house and this is a very conducive niche for the molds to grow. After sometime, the molds will grow and there will be a bad odor in your room. In order to eliminate the growth of such molds, you should be cleaning those regions near the aircon or even apply some chemicals that will prevent the growth of the molds and thus prevents the bad smell.

4.Presence Of Leakages In The Cooling System
There is the liquid Ethanediol (ethylene glycol) which is smelly. In case there is a leakage in the cooling system, the liquid will leak and this can be the possibility of the smell. You should check on their apartment in your aircon unit and ensure that there is no leakage. You should take your time and check all the tubing and the piping conveying the liquid for any leakage. Moreover, this liquid can be harmful to human beings and any leak detected should be rectified within the shortest time possible. In case of any difficulty rectifying the leakage, you should inform a qualified technician to repair it immediately.

5.Uncontrolled Growth Of Bacteria
There are some bacteria that can grow inside your aircon. Such bacteria will render your unit smelly in case they are not controlled. They include the Penicillium and they find the vicinity around the aircon conducive for their growth. This mainly happens when the aircon is not cleaned at regular basis. In order to prevent their growth, all the parts of the aircon unit should be thoroughly cleaned regularly so as to generate an environment which is not good for their growth. Besides, there are some chemicals that can be used to wash all the parts of the aircon and this will inhibit the growth of such bacteria this eliminating the smelly nature of your unit they are likely to cause.

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