Fan Mode vs Dry Mode in Aircon

People do not understand properly how to stay comfortable with air conditioner and save the energy bill as well. The advanced technology and various models have different user guidance. In Singapore, the weather is very hot. So, the people want the perfect and comfortable feeling with AC. Different models have different features. There are various types of modes as well. These are cool mode, dry mode and fan mode. Each mode has some pros and cons. You should know these in detail.

Details of dry mode:

AC is a very convenient and useful machine in the hot weather of Singapore. It provides comfort when the temperature is unbearably high. In the irritating hot weather, you want comfort and peace. So, you need to know the basics of AC. Many people are getting confused with the function of dry and cool mode. They do not understand the differences between these two modes. In the remote of the AC, the dry feature is recognized with the water dropping symbol. This dry function is not at all common in all kinds of AC. The dry function is there to reduce the humidity of the room. This function is very much essential for the people in the humid and hot weather. So, with this mode, you can easily get rid of excess humid temperature.

How does it operate?

After the activation of this mode, it sucks the water from the air. The collected water is drained out through the drain pipe. The drain pipe should be maintained in order to make the unit work properly and flawlessly.

Advantage of this mode:

This mode can save your money.
You do not need to buy a different dehumidifier.
This mode provides the relative humidity level in the room.
Maintain the comfortable temperature of the room.

Details of fan mode:

There are many people in Singapore who used AC machines in order to regulate the temperature of the house. This mode can reduce your monthly electricity bill. It also increases the lifespan of your machine.

How does it work?

In this mode, the fan runs continuously while the compressor is off. If your AC has this particular option, you can switch it on. Your machine will use the fan to cool the area instead of using the cooling machine. So, you can control the cost of the electric bill.

It saves energy:

This mode can save a lot of electrical energy. It saves energy by following these ways:

It allows the using of fan after a few hours of operating the AC when the compressor is off.
This mode can reduce the work load of the air conditioner.
This mode can improve the efficiency power of the AC.
This fan can circulate the natural air around the room in order to decrease the room temperature.
This mode can satisfy the needs of using the least energy as much as possible.

Benefits of this mode:

This mode can save your electricity bill.
It can save your money.
It helps to take out the indoor air.
The compressor is turned off in this mode.
It costs less energy bill as compared to the stand fans.
It provides better circulation around the room.

There are so many modes in an AC machine. But these two modes are very popular and efficient. You can save the extra energy bill and reduce the money. You can feel relax under these modes. The hot weather is truly unbearable for people of Singapore. These modes can save you and your money as well. There are so many myths related to air con machines. But you should understand its basic needs and details. This particular modes save your energy bill. You can relax under the comfortable AC mode. On the other hand, you can also save your energy bill. Different machines have different modes. You will just have to understand the basic of these modes and apply it according to your weather. You will get a comfortable indoor place rather than irritating and unbearable one.

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