Can We Run Our Aircon 24/7?

An aircon system is very vital for any home. The air conditioner is usually used to enhance the level of comfortability for the homeowners. The weather plays an important role in deciding how the homeowner will use the aircon system. Singapore has the dry and wet seasons and during the wet period, the residents will want to leave the a/c running for the sole reason of getting heat for your family members. The same applies when it comes to the hot season where you strive to have the cooling effect.

However, leaving your a/c running all the time can bring more harm than good. What we need to do is be very careful and try to use the HVAC when necessary. It is given that for an average aircon system the consumption of energy ranges from 3000 to 5000 watts of electricity every hour for a nine-hour straight running. The aircon system consumes a lot of energy which in turn increases the utility bills for any homeowner.

Reasons why running an aircon system is highly discouraged.

Use of more energy.

Research by experts has shown that cooling and heating system consumes 40% of household energy. It is without any doubt that the aircon system consumes a lot of energy which translates to more utility bills in order to keep up with the level of comfortability you were used to every day. Having the aircon system working 24 hours a day means that it will consume double triple than the required level of energy.

Increase in the utility bills.

Energy is used up a lot when you leave the aircon system running this will have a pronoun effect on your pocket. You will find that you pay much in your utility bills which might not be accounted for in the budget. The use of energy is double or even triple which means you have to pay triple or double the amount you were supposed to pay for the utility bills.

Emission of greenhouse gases.

Leaving the aircon system running 24/7 not only increases your utility bills but also is detrimental to the environment. The aircon system uses energy and in turn, it emits some particular gases into the atmosphere which is not environmentally friendly. Though there some a/c systems that have grown green with the machines you are not assured of a 100% environmental friendliness. They are energy consumed and energy is given out.

Depreciation of the aircon system.

Constantly running an aircon system means they working without rest thus depreciating them further and also required to have more regular servicing. This simply means you have to pay more for regular maintenance. It is known that any working machine is prone to mechanical glitches and tear and wear due to friction. When you leave your aircon system running all the time you are edging more closer to having repairs and maintenance which also means it is depreciating at a higher rate.

Hire a technician for an energy audit and maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, you must hire a technician once a year for professional maintenance. You can check things like the coolant level to make sure it works well and look for problems that could lead to major problems such as leaks. To help you find ways to increase the efficiency of your home, many utility companies will send a technician to your home to conduct an energy audit.

Install a Programmable Thermostat.

As a way to fight off this, you need to install a Programmable Thermostat. It will help you regulate the temperature to a level of more efficiency of your a/c when you are away for vacation or not at home. Programming and having to control the temperature to a steady and changing level depending on the weather will enable you to enjoy the comfort of what the aircon system has to give while avoiding unnecessary wastage of energy and cash.

Living in Singapore may require you to live with an aircon system all year and for the residents, it is always wise to use counteractive measures to avoid using the aircon system all through by using innovative and advanced ideas. This will enable you to use efficient and required energy which will be pocket and environmentally friendly. Don’t forget to regularly service and maintain your HVAC system for longevity and efficiency requirements.

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