7 Things your Aircon Installer Will Never Tell You

If you are having some work done on your air conditioning system or aircon installation, most probably you would be just like many homeowners out there. In the dark! Other than the air conditioning specialists and homeowners who have a professional background in a relevant field, the majority of the homeowners have little or no information regarding their air conditioning systems. You want to feel that your repair costs are spent wisely and the work being done is worth it?

The best way to understand this is by educating yourself. The following information does not necessarily make you an air conditioning specialist but is necessary to help you understand the basics of your air conditioning system and at least be in a position to understand what the service provider is talking about. When fully equipped with this information, you will be confident that the technicians are qualified to do their work and the repair or aircon installation work is necessary for your house.

Chemical Cleaning

This is important for your aircon unit especially when it falls short of the desired temperature regulation or increases the power consumption. Also, when “poof” sound is noticed, it might be the time to call for the chemical cleaning services.

A chemical wash requires the whole system to be fully dismantled and all parts will be cleaned with a special sanitizer which removes all the foreign materials. This guarantees the air flow will be smoother, fan coils and the fins will be algae free as well as reduced condensation. This is why a chemical wash is essential. Clean aircon systems are efficient, requires less energy to reach the desired temperature levels. The impact of this chemical cleaning is less power consumption. Breath clean, experience a peaceful night and save power.

There are various steps involved in chemical cleaning. More than one chemicals are used to recondition and restore the aircon unit. Even when you have gone for many years without experiencing any technical hitch in your aircon system, dust, dirt, and oil still build up in some parts of the system and this explains why a chemical wash is paramount.

AC Repair

Whether in residential or commercial property owner, there is the need to ensure the systems is functioning at its best. It is essential to understand the breakdowns, inefficiencies and other problems which can make your aircon ineffective. Technicians must be ready to inspect and diagnose the problem.

With the tropical climate in Singapore, it is essential to have the aircon working at its best. In case of any malfunction, call the technicians for diagnosis of the problem, troubleshooting and replacement or repair of components and request a full system report and how to avoid such issues in the future. In the AC repair, services will most probably involve the dismantling of the circuit boards, unit repairs, in-house testing, re-installation of the circuit boards among others.

Aircon Gas Top Up

When the aircon is not cooling efficiently, there might be the need to fill up the refrigerant. Some of the standard repair works include fixing up the leaks and filling up the gas. As a home or property owner, it is important to note some of these facts. Aircon uses liquid or gas as a refrigerant for the air. In most cases, Freon or Puron is the commonly used gases. In some cases, refrigerant storage leaks and the gas leaks out slowly leaving the container empty. At this point refilling the storage is a viable option as well as ensuring all the leakage points are covered.

It is essential to check gas leaks and top up the gas to maintain high aircon efficiency. Other than not cooling the room, the compressor is not cooled, and this leads to overheating and finally fails. More to this, the condensing coil does not receive a cool air and this leads to failure. Lastly, gas leakage is harmful to the environment and more so when it comes into contact with the water.

The process of topping up the gases is non-complicated, but there is the need to involve qualified technicians. A gauge is used to check the gas level inside the system, and the tank is used to ensure the gas level goes back to the required level. There is the need to ensure the right gas is used to fill the tank, depending on the manufacturer’s guide.

The Charging Your System Mistake

In most cases, homeowners will always be told to charge the system. Most probably, this is a misdiagnosis or the leak is not repaired. Homeowners must understand the mechanics its a sealed system which must always be checked for leaks. The thought that any time aircon has a problem needs recharging is a myth. When the system is low, there is the need to ask for the concerned professional to check the leak and have it repaired, rather than just recharging without addressing the primary problem. If the tests show the system is leak free, there is no need for re-checking the gas unless there is a problem. Important to note is that pressure/ temperature relationship in aircon is significant and a slight adjustment can cause unprecedented results.

Electrical Problems are Common

Aircon will always experience electrical problems. Blown fuses near the condensing units, blown capacitors and tripped breakers in the service panel are the primary sources of electrical malfunctions. Regular checking of these components will save you a service call and give you the confidence to which service should be offered. For example, when the system is humming, but not running, most probably it is the capacitor which has a problem.

When something is wrong, the machine will let you know

Other than shutting down, the system will notify the homeowner there is a problem. Checking the copper lines in the system for frost or ice is an indication that the system needs to be cleaned up. Whereas the aircon is a simple system, it uses complex science and necessary knowledge to you as home or property owners can protect you from some mistakes. For the central air conditioning parts, one should understand the essential components and what parts one can quickly change if there is a breakdown. Also, one should be in a position to determine which spare parts to buy.

A Filter is an Essential Component of the Aircon

Installing an air filter is essential. This is located inside the home, either with the equipment or behind the houses. Changing the air filter or cleaning the filter regularly will go along way in ensuring the aircon is performing to the maximum. Also, a clean or fully operational air filter ensures the air is appropriately filtered and prevents the coil from getting dirty. A dirty coil compromises the aircon functionality. It is recommended that 1″ filters should be changed every month, 2″ filters should be changed every two months and 4-5″ filter should be changed every 6-12 months. With many pets, dusty outside and in cases when the carpets are infrequently cleaned will make the coils dirtier.

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