10 Things to Remember When Installing Aircon in Office

When you have to work on your computer throughout the day in your office then it can be very difficult for you unless there is an air conditioner installed in it to keep everyone in the office comfortable. In fact the working efficiency of the people working in an office can be affected if they have to work in too cold or too hot weather conditions. But if you have to install an aircon in your office then you should consider certain points.

Some reasons for aircon installation in your office may include:

1. Make office environment comfortable: 
The aircon you are going to install in your office should be able to create a comfortable environment for the employees working in it. The works will feel sluggish, tired, sick and irritable if they have to work in very hot or very cold conditions. They may not be able to concentrate on their work due to the feeling of low energy. Your air conditioner can help them back into their work schedule by regulating the temperature of the work place within comfortable limits. In general the workers in an office will work with full potential f they have to work in an environment that is neither too hot nor too cold.

2. Prevent health issues:
 When your office employees have to work in extreme cold weather conditions then they may suffer from the symptoms of Sick Building Syndromes which may include drying out eyes, respiratory irritations as well as skin issues etc. Similarly, they will have to face problems like heat rashes, dehydration, excessive sweating and heat stroke if they have to work in extreme hot conditions. The air conditioner you choose for your office should be able to maintain suitable temperature in the office consistently to avoid health problems caused by working in extreme temperature conditions. During spring it should also be able to remove allergens from your office which can otherwise cause irritation in the noses, skin and eyes etc.

3. Increase popularity of your business: 
When you have installed an aircon in your office then it can provide more popularity to your business by making your customers happy. During summers, if you keep your office cool then your customers will be grateful to you. The increase in foot fall of your customers in your office will certainly help in increasing your business and hence profits. Moreover you customers will spend more time in your office if its temperature is regulated according to the weather conditions.

4. Favourable use of technology: 
You will have to install an air conditioner in your office if it deals in heat sensitive technologies. You will have to run machines for longer time to convince your customers. It will heat up the environment of your office which can be uncomfortable not only for your employees but also for your customers. Moreover, the aircon running in your office will keep your machines along with your employees and customers cool without any additional expenditure.

Points to be considered while buying air conditioner

5. Size of the Room:
 While selecting an air conditioner for your office you can find the units of window A/C in different cooling capacities and sizes. You should buy one that can suit to the requirements of your office. You should buy a window aircon according to the size of your office to be cooled and the range of its environmental temperature so that it can be adjusted as required.

Things that can affect the performance of your office aircon

6. Verify the safety of your office window: 
Some of the window A/C units are designed to be installed in the casement windows whereas some in the double hung windows. You should ensure the safety of your office while choosing a window a/c for it. If you have only one window in your office then your window a/c will block the way out in case of fire.

7. Energy efficiency of the aircon: 
Almost all the air conditioners have energy efficiency rating these days. The range of this rating starts from 8 to 11.5, depending upon the hardware used in them. You can lower your electricity bills by buying an aircon with 10 or more EER. Along with EER you should also consider certain other features like speeds of its fan, digital temperature control system and sleep setting system as all of these features can help in reducing power consumption.

Things to consider during aircon installation in the office

8. Installation of window a/c: 
A window a/c can be installed easily by two people at a time as it may not be easy for one person to handle the unit as well as installing it. Most of the window air conditioners include an aircon installation kit including mounting brackets and extensions for the window. These accessories can be used by the installers to ensure air-tight fitting of the aircon in the office window.

9. Placement of the window a/c:
 If you have double hung window in your office then lower pane can be raised to place the air conditioner on the sill of the window stably. If the sill of your office window is not wide enough to support the aircon then you can use brackets to fix on the exterior wall underneath the unit. Now you should level the unit as instructed by the manufacturer. Some of the models need to be tilted outward to drain out condensation where as some not. Now you will have to cover the empty space of the window by sliding out the extensions of the unit.

10. Fastening the unit:
 You can either lower the window pane on the unit or use brackets to fix it in its place. In order to prevent movement of some of the aircons the upper windowpane has to be secured. The extension of the a/c can be secured to the jamb of the window. Now you will have to seal the window properly. In the interior you can use weather stripping provided by the company all around the air conditioner and on the exterior you can use calk for this purpose.

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