The Best Types of Aircon for Office

There was a time when air conditioning seemed to be a form of luxury for many people. However, with rising trends of global warming and the heat levels soaring higher than ever, installing an aircon in your office has now become a necessity. An air conditioning machine will help you to keep the air in your office room cool, thus making it a comfortable experience to stay and work instead of the harsh outdoors that is ravaged with the raging heat.

So after you have made your decision about the brand and model of conditioner that you are going to buy, it is necessary for you to find a professional electrician who can help you out with the conditioner installation process in your office. There are numerous electricians that specialize in the installation and maintenance of air conditioning. You can check their online portals and get in touch with them to hire their services and expertise.

Types of air conditioners

There are different types of conditioning machines available in the market right now and you can choose one based on your office requirements. There is the plug-in type in which air is blown through a water-filled space. The air then comes out all moist and cool. Although they provide with effective ways to cool the air, they are not good enough for climates that are high on humidity and consequently increase the moisture quotient of the air. They are also quite noisy, which makes them difficult to tolerate when they are kept on for longer duration of time.

As there are different types of aircon for office, choosing the right one may be a difficult task for you. Have a look at the types before you buy one:

Types of aircon for office


This aircon has two parts, an indoor unit that is connected by pipes and an outdoor unit. Mainly, they are used to cool more than one room in your office, an open-plan area or up to 60 square meters.


It is a type of split-system whereby the outdoor unit can be connected to more than two indoor office units. It will be a good choice for you if there are two to three systems close to each other and you just one to use only one system for this. While it is not possible to use separate ducted or split system for the limitation is space, one can use it easily.

It will be the ideal choice for you if you want to use a single system for a whole office. It has a central unit that is connected by ducts to air outlets as well as sensors in each office room that has a control panel for setting the temperature along with the zones of the office to heat or cool.

Inverter on non-inverter – the choice is yours

After deciding the general type for an affordable air conditioning, you need to decide whether you should go for an inverter model or for something else:

Also familiar as conventional air conditioner, the compressor of this aircon outdoor unit is either on a full-power or in the off mode. Depending on the need, the compressor switches. It leads to more tear and wear which can consume more power. The system is not as efficient as other ones. However, the price is reasonable.

This model varies the speed of the compressor. That means the compressor speeds up and down in place of on and off when requires. As a result, there is less stress on the machine and it consumes less electricity. Moreover, it offers efficient service at a cost-effective price.

If you are looking for an air-conditioner for cooling your office in summer then a cooling-only aircon will be the right choice for you. You can buy the machine without spending a lot of funds from the expense account of the company.

Window air conditioners are also quite large and heavy which makes it difficult for employees in your company to lift them in and out of the window frequently, thus making it difficult to open them. However, these devices can be easily installed in the office, in case the employee is strong enough to lift them.

The reverse cycle aircon is the best of the lot and require the expertise of a professional electrician to be installed in your office. Instead of being plugged into a single power point, they are lifted high in the office wall where they are wired in. Reverse cycle air conditioners provide with excellent cooling and heating facilities, which simply make them some of the most wanted air conditioning systems.

An aircon is a device that is best not installed on one’s own unless one is well versed in the nature of electricity and how electric circuits work. In such cases, it is best to get in touch with professional electricians as they can ensure a more comprehensive air conditioning experience.

These are the common types of aircon for office that are available in the market. Based on the needs and budget of your organization, choose the one that will be beneficial for you and your employees.


It is not good for you to work in an office that is stuffy. Numerous air conditioners have been designed by experts so that they can help employees to work in a comfortable environment. If you are having any challenge in selecting the best aircon for office, then you should look at the above air conditioners. Take this bold step today and you will live to enjoy working in your office.

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