Simple Aircon Repair Tips

Simple Aircon Repair Tips – Most people want to use air conditioning to have a comfortable indoor temperature. However, if the room temperature rises quickly and there is no cooling, they can be worried about their equipment.

This does not mean that you need an expensive aircon repair company or new equipment; you need to follow simple tips to ensure that your equipment works well. Here are 11 simple aircon repair tips for proper use:

1. Usage environment.

Consider the usage of your unit to help it run better. If the surrounding environment becomes too hot/cold, this can impact its ability to dehumidify/cool properly.

2. Ventilation.

Simple Aircon Repair Tips

Ensure that the air vents of your unit are not covered by anything. This is particularly important for teams with outdoor units installed on roofs or outside walls, as trees will block airflow from rooftop units.

In addition, avoid venting the air-conditioner through an enclosed space such as a floorboard enclosure if possible – instead, move it away from external walls, ceilings, and windows to make sure fresh air enters the room freely.

3. Outdoor Unit.

Simple Aircon Repair Tips

If you find out that there is a leak in your outdoor unit, mop up any water accumulated from condensation on its drip pan immediately to prevent any electrical shorting.

Always switch off your AC and contact a reputable technician to fix the issue if you find water inside – do not attempt to fix this yourself as it is very dangerous.

4. Clean Outdoor Coil.

Ensure that you clean up leaves, moss, dead grass, etc., from your outdoor unit’s cooling coil at least once every two weeks to allow proper airflow throughout the system.

To prevent birds or other animals from building their nests near your outdoor condenser, place some small animal cages over the area where they are likely to build nests.

Alternatively, use netting or screening materials attached with nails near the spot where twigs/branches might fall onto your equipment during strong winds, especially if you live in an area that has trees close to your house.

5. Placing Fan.

If you want to place a fan close to the unit, be sure that it is not within 3 feet from its outdoor unit as this can impact how well the coils freeze and melt ice.

In addition, ensure that there are at least two inches of free space between the back of the fan and the neighboring wall so that airflow does not get blocked when operating it in strong wind conditions.

6. Air Filter.

Ensure that all air filters are kept clean for optimal performance by replacing them regularly (once every six months or before they become visibly dirty).

It would help if you tried to put in fresh replacement filters for the best results. Check filter sizes before buying replacements; this information is usually available on the manufacturer’s website.

7. Adjust Flow Direction.

Check if your airflow direction can be adjusted to avoid blowing it directly onto your body while standing near the AC, which can cause illness or worse injuries when breathing cold air at high speeds near your face for an extended period.

8. Closing Windows –

Simple Aircon Repair Tips

Closing all windows and blinds during cooling mode can help increase indoor comfort levels as there will no longer be any hot spots around room corners where cooler air naturally flows downwards due to gravity.

This may improve overall cooling performance slightly because there will be less heat entering the room through windows.

9. Maintenance.

Simple Aircon Repair Tips

Get your aircon serviced once every three months by a reputable company to prevent any dust and grime accumulation near its cooling coils (you can find it at the back of your outdoor unit).

Cleaning this will help avoid rust build-up and improve cooling efficiency as blocked airflow around the coils can cause hot and cold areas in rooms during operation.

10. Distance From Wall/Curtain.

Simple Aircon Repair Tips

Keep your AC away from walls or curtains so that the room temperature does not affect these structures through conduction/convection, which reduces comfort levels slightly and increases power consumption due to improper flow dynamics around them.

For example, if you have windows facing northwards, do not place your AC close to the walls as this will cause cold air to flow downwards and accumulate near wall corners, affecting room comfort levels.

11. Turn off the AC when leaving home:

Simple Aircon Repair Tips

If you plan to leave your house empty for some time during the day, always turn off the AC unit to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. This is because even if you have turned down your aircon temperature well below room temperature.

It will still keep on running without stopping through the day, but turning it off when you leave will help save a lot of power consumption for absolutely no reason because there will be no one present in the house during that time.

Simple Aircon Repair Tips – Conclusion

In conclusion, air conditioning repairs could mean many things and almost anything, including buying new equipment altogether, which might prove very costly, especially for those who do not want to spend much on such repairs and would prefer innovative or homemade solutions.

Instead, which can be way too simple yet more effective than most other conventional cooling approaches, according to experts who often explain these tips in detail on television shows or in movies. So never hesitate when it comes to getting your AC repaired by a professional.

But do not forget these simple yet effective ten aircon repair tips, which might prove equally rewarding when you have them done at home without any help whatsoever because you know exactly how to do that yourself due to some very basic explanations available on TV already.

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