How To Tell If Your Aircon Needs A Servicing?

Most people who live in humid condition find the weather quite uncomfortable and are normally forced to consider installing air-cons in their home. The Air-con equipment is quite successful in regulating room temperature and reducing level of humid conditions. Aircon help to transfer heat to the outside environment to ensure that the inside part of the room is cooler than the surrounding environment.Although Air-cons are durable and may not require serving for quite a long time, there are a number of signs that can be indicate that Air-cons require serving. You should not wait until the system has completely stopped working before calling professionals for emergency repair. Avoid emergency where you are left without air conditioner by observing the following five signs.

Here is a list of five signs that normally indicate that Air-con has some problems that require repair.

i. Excessive noise:

Air-cons are generally designed to be quite and as efficient as possible while working under normal condition. When your Air Conditioner start producing excess noise, it is an indication, that something is wrong and you need to seek for experts to intervene on time. The system might be having a problem with loose or disconnected parts or there is something wrong with the motor. Leaving such a problem uncorrected may worsen the condition and the system may end up not working at all. It is therefore necessary to invite experts on time to handle the problems in time before worsening.

ii. Weaker Airflow:

The flow of most conditioners varies slightly depending on the age of the filter. To ensure a maximum airflow, it is necessary change air filter regularly. Changing the air filter would not only ensure maximum airflow but also ensure that clean and quality air is entering into the system. If after changing the your filter you still experience poor airflow, it will be a show that the system is experiencing some problems and it might be time to invite an expert to check the problem. Air flow problems are normally caused by blower and experts will be able to deal with the problem in time.

iii. Not cool:

Aircon at normal condition should be blowing cool. However, if your system starts blowing warmer, it is an indication that your air conditioner is suffering some problems. Taking a longer time to achieve your desired temperature than usual can also be an indication that something is wrong with the system. These two signs to do with system temperature performance are critical signs that the system is having some problems that require to be fixed on time. Failing to intervene may worsen the condition and the system may totally fail. Therefore, it is advisable to consul professional on time to check the problem while it is more economical to deal with the situation and repair on time to avoid worsening the condition.

iv. The Aircon runs continuously:

Air conditioners are design to be sensitive; they run for some time and shut itself and then wait until the room warm before switching on again. If your system is running continuously or stop irregular unlike the normal expectation, then it could be an indication that it require a repair. Continuous running can be an indication that of two things; either the cooling capacity has gone down has fallen or the temperature sensor has broken. Failing to repair this problem on time may lead to uneconomical consumption of power and result in high-energy bills.

v. Air conditioner turning on and off irregularly:

Air-cons are expected to turn on and off at regular intervals. It should be on to regulate temperature to set point and turn of automatically after achieving the required temperature, and then on again when the temperature goes beyond temperatures. If you notice that your system is turning on and off irregularly, then it is time to consul professional to service the system. In case the system also keeps short-circuiting, it could be time to check the problem and fix.

All these conditions are best avoided by ensuring regular system maintenance

Professionals who have many years of experience should perform the maintenance. Most experts recommends that maintenance be done at least twice a year to ensure that the system is working properly throughout the year.

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