Deep Aircon Servicing VS General Aircon Servicing

Living in a place like Singapore can be quite a bother, especially if you are from areas where temperatures are relatively cool. Singapore is a tropical country and this means that temperatures can be uncomfortably high for some people. The large water bodies do not make things so much easier. The humidity adds to the heat. As such having an air conditioner is more of a necessity rather than a luxury for most people.

There is a wide array of air conditioning and ventilation systems for you to purchase. In fact you will be totally spoilt for choice when it comes to picking one that works perfectly for you. They are quite pricey to purchase but worth the investment. Once you have bought, you need to subject it to frequent servicing and maintenance checks to ensure that it is functioning at full performance.

Types of aircon servicing

There are basically two types of servicing for air conditioning systems. These include the general servicing and the deep servicing. They are both good in certain contexts and each has its pros and cons. This is why it is always great to seek the services of a professional aircon servicing company to make sure that you have your system running every time you need it.

General aircon servicing is just as the name suggests it. This servicing option does not really go into the device. The goal is to improve the effectiveness of the aircon performance by removing materials that make it hard for it to function efficiently. Things such as leaves, pollen and dust particles tend to accumulate in the system and this makes it have to work harder in order to keep your house cool.

A general servicing will get rid of such matter and ensure that you do not pay huge bulks of money in the name of energy bills. The servicing will also repair minor errors that make it hard to operate the machine properly.

The deep aircon servicing is more detailed and consequently has more benefits than the general servicing. This one not only gets rid of materials that inhibit the full functioning of the system but also repairs major problems. The mold, fungi and plant matter will be removed. Worn out parts will be replaced with new ones and necessary repairs made. It is like replacing your air conditioning system.

Deep versus general servicing

Which is the best option for you to take? This all depends on a variety of factors. Before you choose the servicing option, you need to get in touch with servicing company and a good one for that matter. There are many aircon servicing experts all over Singapore so you do not have an excuse for getting just any guy. Some of the factors you have to consider include:

– Time

It goes without saying that the time it would take to carry out a deep servicing is much more than the time taken to complete general aircon servicing. If you need your machine running in a really short time, you should opt for a general servicing. This one will clear out the system and get it running efficiently pretty fast.

Also the time between servicing sessions is to note. In the case of a deep servicing, you can go for a pretty long time without needing to contact the aircon experts again. The same cannot be said about the general servicing- it all depends on how thorough the technicians are when they are carrying out the general servicing.

– Cost

The amount you will spend on deep aircon servicing is significantly more than a general service. This is because with deep servicing, as aforementioned, the process is very detailed. You may have to replace a few parts here and there, a phenomenon that you do not have to experience with general servicing.

– Context

Deep and general aircon system servicing are necessary under different conditions. A general servicing session is a necessity for just about all systems. It is vital to carry out the servicing at least twice in a year. It is good for your system and for your bank account as well. A deep servicing is mostly performed when there is a failure of the system. If the system next a jolt to keep it running then the deep servicing option is the best. However, if the system is working but needs a slight upgrade to make it more efficient the general servicing will suffice.

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