8 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Not Cold

In Singapore, an air conditioner is an integral device in cooling houses/rooms as the country mostly experiences tropical climate. To perform daily activities optimally in Singapore, it is recommended that you have an air conditioner. The air conditioner helps in cooling the surrounding temperature hence creating conducive environment for work or rest.

 In some cases, the air conditioner may not be cold due to a number of reasons some of which may include the following:-

Unclean evaporator
This is a key component of an air conditioner. It is a central component which ensures that the conditioner works effectively and efficiently in making the house cold. With a dirty evaporator, the conditioner will not work as required hence your house or room will not be cold as expected. It is always recommended that all components of the conditioner be cleaned regularly as dirt inhibits its efficiency and effectiveness greatly. This may be done in six months period or if not able it should be done within one year period. 

The size
In choosing a conditioner for your house or room, go for that conditioner which will serve your house fully. If your house is large, go for larger air conditioners and if your house or room is smaller, go for those conditioners which are smaller. Large room will not be served well with a small conditioner as it will be overstretched hence at the end of the day you will find that you have not achieved the primary objective of installing the air conditioner. On the other hand for those with small rooms, go for small conditioners. This is because large air conditioners will overwhelm you with coldness and on the other hand it leads to unnecessary bills which could otherwise be avoided. It is recommended that you measure your room properly before going for the air conditioner unit. 

Unclean or dirty air filters
This is one of the reasons which may cause your air conditioner not to be cold. An air filter is an important gadget in an air conditioning system. This is because it is through the filter that cool air will be allowed into the room as other gases are filtered and removed from your room or house. Therefore when the filter is dirty, the filtration of air may not be done effectively which will lead air not to be cold in the house or in your room. This therefore calls for constant monitoring of the air filter and it is recommended that this be done at least once every month to ensure that it is clean. If the air filter is maintained and taken care of properly, you will be assured of a cold environment in your house or in your room.

Condenser blocked
In an air conditioning system, a condenser is one of the most important components in ensuring that the house is kept cold. It is the condenser which provides cold air for your room or house and if it is blocked, then you will not get the cold air. A blocked condenser will not allow cold air to flow into your room as required. Dirt and dust work negatively on how the condenser operates. They reduce and in some cases block the way the condenser works completely. By cleaning the condenser for at least once in a month, you will be able to remove any debris which may have accumulated in the condenser thus affecting its efficiency. 

Frozen condenser
This is another factor which causes air conditioners not to be cold. In some cases, the air conditioner may start malfunctioning which may cause the condenser to be frozen. When the condenser is frozen, the whole system will not work as required in cooling your house. That is why it is advisable and recommended that basic maintenance and servicing be done regularly in order to clear any kind of freezing in the condenser. This will ensure that the air conditioner is working properly in letting in cold air.

Leaked refrigerant
Your air conditioner is no longer cold? This could be one of the reason causing inefficiencies with your air conditioner. This is a common problem with many air conditioners in Singapore. When the refrigerant leaks; this is a warning message to you that you should change your refrigerant if you want to continue enjoying cold air. In most cases it is recommended that you substitute your refrigerant instead of fixing the whole thing. This will in the long run help in fixing the conditioner hence continue enjoying cold air in your house or in your room. 

Malfunctioning thermostat
A thermostat is an automatic gadget which helps in detecting temperatures changes hence switches the conditioner on or off. A broken or a malfunctioning thermostat may be one of the reasons that your house or room may not be cold. Without a proper working thermostat, the air conditioner may also not work as expected. Ensure that the thermostat is inspected as frequently as it is practically possible as this will help in putting corrective measures if need be hence supplying the required cold air in the house. 

Other house conditions/factors
In some instances, the air conditioner may not be able to keep your house cool or cold because of lots of heat which may be produced in the house. These may be as a result of other appliances in the house, changes in the house, and many people in the house among other factors. Because of this you will come to realize that the air conditioner is not cold or bringing in the coolness required in the house. This will ultimately affect the feel and use of the air conditioner. That is why it is advisable that when these changes such appliances are introduced in the house, ensure that you collect enough information or do wider consideration whether your air conditioner will be able to meet the new demands. If this is not done carefully, then you may end up with an air conditioner that is not serving its primary goal of keeping the house cold. As you adjust your house make sure that also you adjust your conditioner as this will make the conditioner work properly and effectively.

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