6 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Daikin Aircon

Before you install an air conditioning system there are several things you have to consider. When you do not put everything into consideration that is when you will end up making certain installation mistakes. Most of these mistakes are minor and can be corrected very easily but there are others that can be really costly and more or less wasteful. The point of installing an air conditioning system is so that you can make your home a little bit more comfortable. Residing in Singapore where there are no frigid winters and torrid summers may be an excuse not to install an air conditioning system.

However, there are parts of Singapore where the temperatures can be quite dramatic. An air conditioning system will therefore come in very handy to make the home more comfortable when the weather is not really working for your taste. There is a wide array of air conditioning systems that you can buy among the best being Daikin’s. This one is quite pricey to purchase and inappropriate installation can see to its becoming more costly. Here are some of the mistakes that people make when they are installing this system:

Mistake 1: Getting the wrong size

One of the considerations you have to make before you install an air conditioner is the size. When it comes to air conditioners, bigger does not always translate to better. Installing an air conditioning system that is oversized will just result in poor humidity control. The initial temperature problem will not be solved and you will be running some really high operational costs- even with the house remaining rather uncomfortable. When your Daikin air conditioning system is undersized, the cooling will not be sufficient and you will still be paying high electricity bills and the system will also have a shorter life span. Speak to a trusted contractor before you go buying an air conditioning system.

Mistake 2: Wrong positioning of the system

Very few people have plenty of information about air conditioning. It is therefore a common assumption that the system should be installed where there is maximum space and it can be seen easily. Installing the air conditioner at an appropriate location will see that you get maximum service from the device without having to run up and extra cost. Make sure when you are installing the Daikin air conditioner that you place it in a place that is slightly shady. This way the device will not have to work too hard to cool your home. But it should not be blocked by shrubs and trees otherwise it will not be properly ventilated.

Mistake 3: Installing upright

One of the most common mistakes people make when installing aircons of any kind is installing them upright. Always install the air conditioner reclining backwards slightly to enable proper draining of the device.

Mistake 4: Improper positioning of the thermostat

The thermostat should be kept away from all appliances that generate heath e.g. lamps. When the thermostat is exposed to high temperatures it is encouraged to work overtime raising the energy bills. Humidity levels in the house will also go up and the temperatures will also be quite uncomfortable not to mention the reduced lifespan of the aircon.

Mistake 5: Forgetting to check for leaks

Before you install the Daikin air conditioner and basically all air conditioners you are advised to check the level of the coolant. A leakage can result in a myriad of health problems. A mere 10% loss of the coolant can see your electricity bills take off to new heights- quite literally. Even new air conditioning systems may have faults. So make sure that the installer checks for leaks before setting up the device.

Mistake 6: Wrong contractor

Perhaps the worst mistake you can make when installing an air conditioner is selecting the wrong contractor. An inexperienced contractor is very likely to commit all the other mistakes mentioned above. The only way you are going to make sure that you none of the above mistakes is made is to choose a licensed and insured air conditioning contractor. Such a contractor will install the system with such tremendous ease. Most of all you will not have to rob the bank to afford the installation fees. Installing an air conditioner can be expensive but a good contractor will not charge you over the market price.

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