5 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Not Cold Even After Servicing

Aircon units are one of Singapore’s best defenses against torrid heat. For this reason, realizing your aircon is still not cold even after servicing it is the most annoying thing in Singapore. Several things could make your aircon not cold after it is serviced. Therefore, you need to understand that during the servicing of such a unit, not all parts get serviced. This means that cuts that might have been facing imminent failure may fail after the service. Here are the five reasons your aircon is not cold even after servicing.

– Power connections

In a few cases, Singapore air conditioning service providers failed or forgot to power the system after servicing it. This is a common and honest mistake that any human being can commit. In such a case, you will be required to go to your aircon’s power outlet and ensure all connections are in their proper place. If they are intact, check the fuses and circuit breaker and ensure they are in good working condition and power can reach the system. If this is your system’s only problem, it should start cooling immediately after the power connection.

Dirty air filter
Dirty air filter

– Dirty air filter

The air filter helps regulate the flow of air through the aircon and into the rooms of your office or house. Therefore, you should make sure it is always clean. If you constantly clean it, your air filter will be clean, and no air will flow into or out of your rooms. This can be avoided by ensuring that the air conditioning service provider in Singapore also cleans the filter while servicing your aircon. This is because some technicians fail to clean the filter after servicing the system expecting you to clean it.

– Insufficient aircon gas

Insufficient gas can also make your aircon not cold after servicing it. You never know how good the gas you are using is since there are many sources from where someone can get such things in Singapore. A few people have fallen victim to the usage of insufficient gas without even realizing it because they failed to bother to know the people they were buying from. In such a case, you can be sure that things will only work fine once you get clean gas. Therefore, ensure you always purchase gas from a trusted supplier to avoid such problems with your aircon.

– Incorrect installation

Incorrect installation is another cause for your aircon not to be cold after servicing. Some technicians who claim to have experience and knowledge in air conditioning maintenance need to gain an understanding. They tend to need more knowledge they might have acquired from other technicians. If this is the case, the technician servicing your aircon may fail to install the system properly after servicing it. For example, if wiring needs to be adequately done, it can cause the system to become a potential fire hazard or fail to work. This is why you should hire the best Singapore air conditioning service provider to service your aircon.

– Defective compressor

Defective aircon compressor
Defective aircon compressor

A defective compressor will be unable to compress the refrigerant and circulate it through the condenser coils and the evaporator as it is supposed to. On the other hand, there might also be a series of different components that might not work due to the defective compressor. This problem results from a high-pressure limit switch tripping while servicing the aircon. This happens in a few cases. Hence it can be avoided if the technician is keen enough on his job.

– Bottom line

Once you realize that something is making your aircon not cold after it is serviced, you must look for the right solution. Because of this, you should hire more than just the companies you find around to service your aircon. You should compare the services of multiple companies providing air conditioning services because some companies will not even come close to what you want. In contrast, others will do a commendable job.

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