What Is The Best Type Of Aircon For Restaurant Use?

Restaurants are not just chosen for their food. More often than not, Singapore residents choose a restaurant based on the ambience. After all, you want to feel your absolute best when dining out and restaurants are supposed to offer the kind of environment that leaves you completely relaxed.

One of the most important aspects of a restaurant is the aircon. The temperature must be set at just the right amount to provide comfort, at the same time whetting the appetite of the client. By doing so, your clients would consider the food more delicious and the ambience just perfect – ensuring that they’d patronize the establishment again.

Air Conditioning for Restaurants

If you are in the market for an air conditioner for your establishment, following are some factors that should definitely be considered:

– Extent of Temperature Coverage -the size of the restaurant is directly proportional to the extent of the air conditioners coverage when it comes to temperature. Ideally, the conditioning unit should be able to distribute the targeted temperature throughout the restaurant, ensuring that every patron remains comfortable. This might mean installing two or more units every few square feet, depending on the capacity of the device.

– Noise of the Unit -another very important factor is the amount of sound elicited by the unit. The decibels should be lower than the typical volume during a conversation to make sure that your patrons are not interrupted in the middle of get-togethers. A slow and steady hum is acceptable, but it is usually best to keep it lower. Some air conditioners can be a two-piece unit, allowing for noise reduction.

– Size of the Unit – smaller units is infinitely better because they take up lesser room in the restaurants. Ideally, the space should be clutter free, allowing patrons to truly enjoy the setup. An inconspicuous air conditioning unit ensures that the overall ambience is not ruined.

– Unit Cost- of course, let us not forget the cost of the air conditioning unit. Ideally, the price per unit is below market value – especially if you intend to buy two or more to cover the whole restaurant.

Some of the best air conditioning choices for restaurants are two-piece units typically mounted on the wall, therefore keeping it out of sight while minimizing space occupied. The fact that the main unit is located at the exterior of the building also minimizes the noise.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Air Conditioning Providers

When it comes it comes to air conditioning for business establishments, hiring professionals in the job is usually your best choice. In Singapore, this translates to a company capable of providing all-around care for your conditioning units from installation to repair and maintenance. There are several advantages to this particular setup, including but not limited to the following:

– Maintenance and repair are handled by the Singapore professionals, removing any need to hire additional people for the job. This means less paperwork for the restaurant in terms of employee benefits.

– Professionals are often more adept in figuring out problems since this is where they specialize in. Their expertise with air conditioning units also means they can repair problems quickly and find replacement parts if needed.

– With a restaurant contract, owners and managers are justified to call out the air conditioning service provider should there be any emergencies or problems with the unit.

– Maintenance is provided on a routine basis which means that the air conditioner is kept clean and running in near-perfect condition.

– Air conditioner servicing companies often have their employees covered by insurance. This means that should there ever be accidents in the course of a job; the establishment wouldn’t be responsible for the cost. The service provider will take care of everything while still making sure that your needs is met.

– Pricing is often subject to customization, ensuring that the cost fits your budget. The beauty here is that accounting becomes easier as you will only have to worry about paying the service provider.

Singapore restaurants – whether big or small – can all benefit from having a perfectly running temperature control system that keeps their patrons coming back for some R&R. Although an indefinable quality, you will find that this technique will make your establishment tough to forget. Fortunately, using this particular trick is not difficult with the presence of various Singapore-based aircon servicing companies. Just go online, do a search, and start comparing different providers.

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