Pros & Cons of Centralized Air Conditioner

Pros & Cons of Centralized Air Conditioner. A few years back the use of centralized air conditioning systems in homes was considered absolutely as the art of luxurious lifestyle. But today it is not very uncommon to cool the entire home with a centralized system than to use a window or split AC in every room separately. Having a central air conditioning system can be very beneficial for you if you live in very hot and humid areas as it cools your entire home to allow you to live comfortably. Though things have changed a lot with time still you should understand the advantages and disadvantages of the use of centralized air conditioning units before buying one.

Pros & Cons of Centralized Air Conditioner

The centralized air conditioning systems are gaining popularity all over the world because:

Ease of installation:


Installing a central air cooling system can be more convenient than installing a window AC or split AC separately in each room.

Quiet operation:

Most of the centralized air cooling systems make the least noise while cooling the entire home. Usually, they make the sound of blowing air or the click of thermostat which is very low and bearable.

Average cost:

The cost of cooling all the ducted parts of your house with a centralized system can be much less than cooling every space individually.



Your central air conditioning unit will not be visible to everyone as you are not going to install any pipeline or outdoor unit for it. It improves the aesthetic looks of your home.


Most programmable thermostats are used in most of the centralized air conditioning units so that the temperature of the house can be changed at various times as per your requirement. This can help in saving lots of energy and lower your power bills.

Pros & Cons of Centralized Air Conditioner

Though centralized air conditioning units offer a number of advantages but they also offer some disadvantages to the homeowners like:

Additional expenses of installing ductwork:


In order to provide cool air effectively in all parts of the home, the homeowners will have to install ducts. It will increase the cost of installing a central cooling system which is not required while installing AC units in each room. Moreover, it will not be easy to install ducts in old houses.

Removal of humidity:

Your house should be able to remove internal humidity effectively to keep it cool effectively as humidity in the air will hold the heat and will not allow the air to cool your home. So the ductwork in the homes in hot and humid locations should be able to pull the internal hot and humid air effectively.

Cost of running:

When you are installing an air conditioning unit to cool the entire house instead of every room then the cost of its operation will be extremely higher than the cost of running small air conditioning units in individual rooms. It is because it will need more energy than required by the individual units.

Inefficient cooling:


Your central air conditioning unit may not be able to cool the entire home properly even if it is installed as per the size of your home. It is because you will keep all the doors closed to avoid the escape of cool air but your system needs a regular flow of air throughout your home to keep it cool.

Windows can heat your home:

When you seal, insulate and double pane your windows then they can make your home warmer unless they are close to your thermostat. If they are away from the thermostat then your windows will emit more warmth than handled by your thermostat. You will have to manipulate the setting of your thermostat accordingly to make your home cool.

Excessive consumption of power:

Your central cooling system will consume more energy than smaller units in individual rooms as it will have to continue running unless the temperature of your entire home reaches a particular level. It will have to run continuously if hit air is coming into the home from any door or window of the house. Thus your power bill can increase tremendously.

Thus, by knowing the pros and cons of centralized air conditioning units provided in this write-up you can easily make a well-informed decision while installing one at your home.

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