Health Risks Of Not Cleaning Home Aircon

Health Risks Of Not Cleaning Home Aircon – Your home air conditioner is an essential part of your life. On hot days, it provides a cooling source for you and on cold nights it pumps warm air into your home to keep your family comfortable.

The problem is that when your aircon is left dirty, the same vents that cool and heat your home end up circulating particles in the air that can cause health problems. Here are 10 health risks of not cleaning home aircon:

1. Asthma

Asthma is a disease that has made itself quite known to the public. Although it affects people of all ages, children and old people tend to be the most common sufferers. The disease is caused by an inflammation of the lungs and it causes breathing difficulties for those who suffer from it.

Although no one has found a definitive cause for asthma, there is a connection between dust mites and children who have been diagnosed with asthma.

A poor air conditioner system is bad for people who have asthma because it provides a home for dust mites. Not only are these tiny creatures an allergen, but they can cause severe health problems. Their droppings are known to be one of the triggers of asthma attacks, so there goes another strike against dirty aircon vents.

2. Allergies

Health Risks Of Not Cleaning Home Aircon

Asthma isn’t the only illness that can be triggered by dust mites. They cause allergy-like symptoms for many people. Dust mites themselves are not visible to the human eye, so you won’t know if your AC is infested unless you open it up and look inside with a microscope or other device that will allow you to see the mites up close.

However, you will know if your air conditioner is dirty because you will see dust particles circulating through your home’s air vents.

3. Respiratory Illnesses

Dust mites are not the only harmful particles that circulate through your air conditioner. If you don’t clean out your home air conditioner, then there is a chance that mold spores can be present in it as well.

When these spores circulate throughout your home, they can cause respiratory problems like sinus infections and bronchitis. The mold spores can also increase your risk of contracting pneumonia.

4. Fatigue

Another health risk of not cleaning home aircon is fatigue. It’s not a fun or comfortable way to wake up in the morning and it also makes you feel drowsy throughout the day. If you want more energy, make sure your airflow system is clean by having it cleaned on a regular.

If your body is not getting enough clean oxygen through your air vents, then you can expect to feel fatigued. This is because your body muscles are not receiving enough oxygen to function at their best. If this is the case, then it’s time to call in outside help for a deep clean of your air vents.

5. Noise Pollution

Any mechanical system can be noisy. However, if you suffer from tinnitus or are otherwise sensitive to noise then your home air conditioner could be making it worse. This is because dirt builds up in vents over time and the amount of dirt within the system affects how loud it will get over time.

Noise is not good for your ears. It may destroy your eardrum which in turn will affect your hearing even more. Clean your home air conditioner to reduce the noises that you hear each time it turns on.

6. Food Poisoning

Health Risks Of Not Cleaning Home Aircon

Bacteria can grow in your home air conditioner system when it is not cleaned regularly. The same particles that are circulated through the vents can eventually build up in its cooling unit which is where the bacteria will breed.

It won’t take much for these bacteria to enter your food supply either because you never know when they are there. If you cook food in your kitchen and forget to clean the vents before turning on your air conditioner, then there’s a chance that these bacteria will be circulated into your food.

7. Skin Irritation

The vents that your home air conditioner system draws in and then blows out through its cooling coils can also have dust, dirt particles, mold spores, or pollen all over them. If you are the type of person with sensitive skin then you are most likely to develop a rash when these contaminants enter your body through your skin pores.

Skin irritation is the result of bacteria breeding within your air conditioning system. The particles that circulate through the vents will eventually accumulate in your coils and then dry up which will allow for bacteria to grow on them.

8. Itching

Health Risks Of Not Cleaning Home Aircon

If you are suffering from an allergic reaction to any of the contaminants mentioned above, then it’s possible that your body could be producing itchy hives or welts all over your skin. The same particles that circulate through the vents can also build up in any of the ductwork that leads to your bedroom, so you might want to inspect those areas as well.

If you’re itching because of an allergic reaction, then it’s best to consult with a doctor about what to do.

9. Poor Air Quality Inside Your House

Health Risks Of Not Cleaning Home Aircon

If you don’t clean your home’s air conditioner, then there’s a chance that it can affect the quality of the air you’re breathing inside your house.

Your cooling unit contains water which is the perfect breeding ground for mold spores and bacteria. The same particles that get circulated through vents will eventually get dried up on coils and allow bacteria to breed.

If you’re suffering from poor air quality inside your house, then the best thing to do is to make sure that your cooling unit is clean and well maintained. Get it cleaned every three months and you will improve the air quality within your home.

10. Poor Sleep Quality

If you feel like falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, then something is wrong. If your air conditioning unit is not cleaned regularly, then it could be affecting your sleep quality.

Poor sleeping patterns are often the result of allergies that you may have developed over time because of contaminants inside your home’s air conditioner system.

Health Risks Of Not Cleaning Home Aircon – Conclusion

Health Risks Of Not Cleaning Home Aircon

If you want to live a healthy and clean lifestyle in your own home, then it’s important that you make sure your aircon unit is serviced every 3 months.

If the dirt builds up inside of vents over time and if contaminants are circulating through them regularly, then this can affect both the quality of air that’s circulated into your house as well as how good (or bad) of sleep you get at night.

The best thing for all involved would be to invest some time cleaning out those dirty coils before they become too clogged with dust or mold spores.

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